36v 2amp Charger for Sondors and Other 36v Bottle Packs


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  • Designed for 36volt batteries
  • Has the 5.5 mm barrel plug which will work with most dolphin and bottle packs
  • Works great on Sondors ebikes as  a replacement or extra charger
  • Smart charger with automatic shut-off when the battery reaches 42.0 volts.
  • Charges at 2 amps (depending on stock a 3amp version may be shipped instead)
  • 100-250v (safe for American usage)
  • Small size means portable and convenient
  • 3 x 4.5 x 1.7 inches

This Charger is a very small electric bike smart charger for 36 volt lithium battery which charges to a maximum of 42v. 

It is a 2 amp charger which will charge a 10ah battery in about 6 hours. When the battery reaches close to full the charger automatically slows down and shuts itself off when it reaches a maximum of 42 volts.

This charger was designed to be used with our 10s packs which is 36v lion. If you are using this charger for your own battery pack make sure the 42v maximum matches what is compatible with the maximum charge voltage of your 36 volt pack.

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