36v Panasonic Bottle Battery Sondors Compatible Upgrade / Replacement

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This product has likely been discontinued. For our current selection of batteries see this page

  • Designed to plug right into the stock mount
  • Use this and your stock sondors battery on the same ride (switch them out when one dies)
  • Get better performance and 50 percent more range
  • Only 6 pounds (lighter than stock pack)
  • Made up of 40 Premium Panasonic Cells
  • High performance BMS 25amp continuous and 50 amp burst BMS
  • Battery Measurements: 12.5" x 3.5" x 3.5"

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This is a bottle battery designed to replace the Sondors Ebike battery without changing any of your hardware.

You can use this in addition to your stock Sondors pack, just carry one pack in a back pack when you do extra long rides.

Just click the old battery out and click this one in. It's that easy.

This battery comes in various cell types, which includes 13.5ah - some of which is over 50 percent larger than the Sondors Ebike 9ah pack.

This pack is made up of the highest quality power density cell in the market which is the Panasonic 3500 GA which has both power and density.

Made from well known factory Panasonic, it has more capacity than any 18650 on the market. 

Add a 2 amp charger for $30 however the stock Sondors charger will also work.

This battery will only increase the range by 50% not the power of your ebike. It will not overvolt the motor or stress the controller in any way.

(click here for an article on upgrading your Sondors ebike)

Smart Battery

Luna Cycles builds its packs with the finest BMS (battery management system) available so that you can plug in your battery and not worry about over charging. Your cells are automatically balanced by the internal BMS in the battery. Our BMS includes such features as temperature over heat  protection and advanced cell balancing. These features not only get the maximum performance out of your bms they also keep your battery from getting to low, charging too high, or getting too hot and will automatically shut off your pack if it senses something is wrong.


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