52v 25ah High Power Monster Battery for Pedicab or EV with Charger!

Included Charger *

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  • 14s 10p made from 140 High Star 18650 cells
  • 25ah for a whopping 1300 watt hours our biggest 52v battery!
  • Made special for Luna by Sur-ron but will work on any 52v bikes / motors, and most 48v as well (will not work on our 60v Sur-ron)
  • Advanced smart BMS for the ultimate in reliability and protection
  • Accurate state of charge meter on the battery
  • Aluminum enclosure protects your cells from shock, vibration and repels water
  • 90amps max continuous output (BMS limited)
  • Includes Supra connectors for making an adapter to whatever plug you use, or we will make an optional leash from supra to xt90 to work with any of our 52v systems
  • Could be the ultimate back pack battery pack
  • Includes a high quality 52v smart 10 amp (120VAC only) charger with air cooling that will charge this pack in 2.5hours
  • 20 pounds
  • 14.5"x6.4"x5.5" 

At last we have a high power 52v pack for pedicabs and other users of giant high power battery packs. Great battery to electrify your sail boat, go cart, tandem ebike or other cool project. 

A whopping 1300 watt hours makes this the largest battery we have ever sold.  

It is made in a custom excursion aluminum case with many custom made parts to make this one of the most reliable and safe EV batteries built at this size. 

Put two of these together in series and you can get 110v of power enough to be a small power back up for camping or other creative uses.

Price includes a high quality 10amp charger made for this battery.  The charger alone retails for $200.


This pack was special made for us by Surron the maker of the MX Dirt bike, one of the most advanced electric vehicles we have seen out of China. Likewise this is by far the most advanced small ev battery pack we have seen out of China.

Not this will not work as an extra battery in our 62v Sur-rons because the voltage is lower, this will only work on a Sur-ron that was designed for 48v (which currently we do not sell). 

This is clearly a $2000 retail pack, but because we are Luna and want to offer a large safe battery to EVers we are offering it at a never seen before low price for a battery of this size and quality. 


The engineering and construction quality of this pack is something like we have never seen in an ebike battery pack before.