52v Panasonic GA 17ah PERFORMANCE + LONG RANGE

Optional Smart Charger
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  • NEW! Made up of the most exciting bleeding edge 18650 cell the Panasonic GA 3500
  • NEW! Uses an extra layer of high grade thick rubber shrink wrap for more protection and durability.
  • 52v means higher voltage for even more power with the  same 48v controller and motor (read article on benefits of 52v)
  • 17ah in a tiny package
  • 880-watt hours = incredible range   (read article on watt hours)
  • Top quality battery made of top quality components
  • 14s5p = 70 Genuine  name brand grade Panasonic 18650 cells (see breakdown on 18650 cells)
  • 50 amp continuous 70amp maximum BMS
  • Built in temperature sensor temporarily shuts down your pack if you push it too hard.
  • Beefy Xt-90's lead wire connectors with spark resistor (included is female for  controller)
  • Weight of Battery: 8.5 pounds 
  • Life Span: 400-1000 charges
  • 11.5"x4.25"x3.5"

Panasonic 3500 GA cells

This pack is made up of the most exciting (and expensive) battery cells on the market the Panasonic GA (also known as the Sanyo GA) which offers the highest available capacity in an 18650 cell (3400-3500mah) which until now was offered by the Panasonic NCRB. But where as the NCRB was rated less than 5 amps discharge per cell, these cells are rated at 10amps which is powerful enough for almost all ebike applications. 

This cell may very well be the ultimate ebike battery pack building block because it is both power dense (for long range) and powerful. 

Our cells are guaranteed to be authentic.

Read more about 18650 cell choice here: (breakdown on 18650 cells)

52 Volts

This is a 52v battery designed to squeeze more power out of your stock 48 volt system without having to change your controller or motor. To get more information read our article on 52 volt batteries.

Not only does the 52v battery give you more power it also gives you more watt hours which means more range than a comparable amp hour 48 volt battery.  (read our story on calculating range)

52 volts is completely safe to run on any of our 48v kits including all our Bafang kits. In fact not only will you get more power but your system will run cooler at lower wattages making it more reliable.

Read another reviewers take on 48v vs 52v batteries here. 


This is a very energy dense pack containing 17ah which means 800 watt hours. This is an amazing amount of range for a pack this small. This packs small size and triangle shape lends itself well to fitting in many frames.  (read our story on ebike math)

This pack weighs an amazing 8.5 pounds.

Because of its ultra small size it can be mounted in almost any triangle (even full suspension mountain bike) using zip ties or duct tape. 

50 Amps

This is a high performance pack with our 50amp continuous BMS with temperature protection built in. (read our article on BMS). This is a high performance pack designed to put out 3000 watts of power and bursts of up to 5000 watts. Even if your current set up does need this type of amperage it will not hurt your current set up to have this capability for future builds. Plus the high performance cell is designed to last longer than lower quality cells even under lesser amperage. Do not worry about having too many amps as your controller will only use them if it needs them so its always better to have too many than not enough.

Quality Components

Every ingredient in this pack is top shelf from the cells, to the BMS, to the cell holders holding it together, to the nickel plates, to the xt-60 and xt-90 spark resistor connectors. All this comes together to be amazing pack for the price. We are very proud of our packs and the amazing price we are offering them for.

Smart Battery

Luna Cycles builds its packs with the finest BMS (battery management system) available so that you can plug in your battery and not worry about over charging. Your cells are automatically balanced by the internal BMS in the battery. Our BMS includes such features as temperature over heat  protection and advanced cell balancing. These features not only get the maximum performance out of your bms they also keep your battery from getting to low, charging too high, or getting too hot and will automatically shut off your pack if it senses something is wrong. (read our article on  BMS)

Ultimate Long Range in a very small size

We filled these packs with the latest battery chemistry to get the highest possible power density. This means despite these packs small size and light weight, they will give you the maximum amount  of range compared to other battery packs of similar size. These packs have more watt hours than most commercial ebike, who skimp and use generic cells which are known for being low power density and short battery life. More watt hours means more range. (read our story on ebike math)


All 48v Luna Kits and Controllers are compatible with all our 52 volt batteries.

Regarding Amps: These packs will easily put out 50amps (2600 watts) and even more for short bursts. If your kit can handle 52 volts, and needs 50amps or less these are ideal packs for you. In fact these packs will put out 70amp for short amounts of time (about 3500 watts). 

More than likely your controller is less than 50 amps and then you don't have to worry since your controller will only take from the battery what it needs. You cannot fry a controller by selecting a battery with too many amps. Voltage however, you need to be careful with. 

Regarding voltage: This is a 14s (52 volt) battery. This means that with the same controller you will get more power from the same amps. It's fun but you need to make sure your controller can handle up to 58 volts which is what a 52-volt battery puts out when fully charged, otherwise you can fry your controller. 

Most DIY controllers have a range of volts they will accept and most descent 48-volt controllers can handle 52 volts. This is something you must verify about your controller before ordering this battery.  And more than likely the only way to really know is to test with a 52 volt battery.



This is a rectangular soft shell pack and we recommend that you pad it well in your installation to ensure the cells are not damaged. We use plastic cell dividers to make sure the pack is as protected as possible but it still needs care in mounting. You do not want your pack bouncing around or banging against anything because it can ruin your pack and also be safety risk.

It can easily fit in one of our triangle bags but it must be padded to make sure it does not get banged against your frame. 

This also makes a very good rear rack battery or a back pack battery. It is the ultimate in energy density because it is not in a case.

We love to securely duct tape or zip tie this battery to our downtubes on our full suspension bikes and this is a very effective (although not pretty solution).  We can do this because of the incredible small size and light weight of this particular battery. 

(read our article on mounting an ebike battery for more information).


Important note regarding charger:

Does not include a charger but you can add a charger for  wholesale price. We recommend you only use a charger purchased from us to insure compatibility (as long as you select one of our 52v chargers).  We really recommend the Luna Charger to take care of a quality pack like this which offer slow or fast charge modes, and charge to 80, 90 or 100 percent.

Installation and basic info 

Installation And Basic Info: The Luna Softpack FAQ