52v Standard Lithium Charger with Barrel Connector


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  • Standard barrel connector
  • LED Indicators for vital information regarding your charge
  • Quality construction
  • For all 52 volt lithium ion batteries charges to ~58.8 volts
  • Smart charger automatically shuts off when max voltage is reached
  • This charger takes 110 AC input

Luna Cycles is offering this Chinese charger at a very reasonable $36 price. This is a standard charger that will work on all of our latest 52v shark packs which all have a mini xlr.  The plug can be swapped out to be used with any 52v 18650 battery pack that needs a charger.

2-3 amps is a reasonable charge power for most battery packs, and charging at this level will make sure you get a long life expectancy out of your pack as the slower you charge the better for your pack. 


  • This charger will NOT work with any 48v packs and could pose a fire risk if it is hooked up to a 48v battery.
  • Older shark packs use barrel connectors rather than mini xlr. If in doubt check your battery or contact support.
  • Charger may look slightly different from picture depending on inventory

2 Reviews

Chris Jul 24th 2017

well made

I originally had the standard plastic charger which worked well until fan failed.
having just charged using old charger I was surprised to see that when I connected this new unit it charged for about 4hrs longer. well made unit feel much better quality. I have a BBS02 750w & 13.5ah battery, I ride set to level 2 yesterday many hills in my area also I did 25 miles and was only just starting to flash at 3 bars, I have done 30 in the past will still lots left. this is a slow charger so allow most of the day to recharge which is fine by me only doing one ride a day.

Larrykh465 Apr 15th 2017

good quality for low price

Good components inside and out, the fan is quiet.
Being a 2 amp it take a while longer than I am used to but it works as intended.
The final charge on my battery is 58.2 vdc.
it has two lights, one being for power and the other indicates charge or charging.
it does not have to be unplugged from ac to reset.
I have a good feeling this one should last a while. Been through a number of other ones of which the EBay one has turned out to be the longest lasting so far.

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