60v Triangle Samsung 30q 21ah HIGH POWER


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  • Samsung 30Q High Power Triangle Pack
  • Designed to fit our triangle bags perfectly
  • 21ah (large capacity)
  • 60v means high voltage for even more power...this pack will put out 6000-watt bursts no problem
  • 60 volt x 21 ah = 1200 watt hours  (read article on watt hours)
  • 14s7p = 98 Genuine Samsung 30q 18650 cells (see breakdown on 18650 cells)
  • 50 amp continuous 80 amp burst BMS
  • Beefy Xt-90's lead wire connectors with spark resistor! (included is Male for the controller)
  • XT-60 connector for charging (charger plug included)
  • 21 ah  in a pack designed for high power
  • Weight of Battery: 12 pounds
  • Battery Dimensions: (see picture)
  • Add a high-quality Charger for wholesale price!

This is a 60v battery designed for big power. 

Not only does the 60v battery give you more power it also gives you more watt hours which means more range than a comparable amp hour 48 volt battery.  (read our story on calculating range)

This triangle pack is made with a plastic stencil frame to give it good rigidity, superior cell cooling and a firm structure. this is not a glued together pack like Chinese triangle packs we have seen. 

This pack was designed to fit perfectly in the Luna Cycle Triangle Bag. (see products) This pack was special made to make the zip tie version of the bag. 

This is a high power pack designed for high power applications.  It will put out as much power as almost any ebike controller will dish out. If your ebike is not that powerful don't worry, the battery will only dish out as much power as the controller asks for and no more so you wont fry your current system. 

If you are looking for power and dependable long range, this is your pack.  It is 21ah (large capacity) and is made up of 30q cells in a 7p configuration, it will put out the 50amps consistently and reliably. It is made up of the best known cell in the industry for stable high amperage output which is the Samsung 30q, and it is large, 21ah which means it is able to put out the max 50amps continuously and without stressing the cells at all.  It would be very hard to get this pack hot to the touch...even when climbing large hills at full power.

This pack was designed to put out  well over 5000 watts continuous and not even get warm. But it is limited by the BMS to 50amps (2500W) Continuous and 80amps peak burst (4200W).

The Samsung 30q is one of the most respected high-performance cells on the market, putting out high amps and at still a 3000mah capacity.   For high-performance electric bikes you can't go wrong with the 30q.

This is an ebike pack consisting of many 18650 cells mounted together in a honeycomb structure and spot welded together and shrink wrapped with 2 layers of wrap for extra padding.  18650 clusters  has been proven to be the latest and greatest way to assemble an ebike pack. (read our article on why)

The pack comes standard with quality xt90s connectors with built-in spark resistor...no more annoying spark when you plug in your battery pack.

This pack comes with a very advanced BMS (battery management system) which protects the pack from damage during charge and discharge.  This BMS also has temperature protection to keep the pack from getting too hot during discharge and charging.  (read our article on BMS)

It is a high power BMS which will allow the pack to put out 50amps continuous (2500 watts) and 80 amp bursts (4000 watts) although running this much power will reduce packs life expectancy so we recommend to not run your battery to hard if you expect it to last over 500 charges. (read our article on ebike battery life expectancy )

This is a good sized pack so take care how you mount it.  Look at pictures for sample mounting examples with this battery.  (read article on mounting options)

Here is a picture story which shows our different batteries comparing size (click here)


Installation and basic info

Installation And Basic Info: The Luna Softpack FAQ


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