72v Triangle Panasonic GA 17ah

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  • Panasonic/Sanyo GA cells
  • 72v means our most powerful battery ever
  • Package including the Luna Advanced Charger 300 watts
  • 1260-watt hours  (read article on watt hours)
  • Top quality battery made of top quality components
  • 20s5p = 100  Genuine  name brand grade A 18650 cells (see breakdown on 18650 cells)
  • 50 amp continuous 70amp maximum BMS
  • Beefy Xt-90's lead wire connectors with spark resistor (included is a male connector with pigtails for the controller)
  • Please see photos for dimensional drawing.
  • 12 pounds in an incredibly small form factor
72 Volts

This is a 72v battery designed for big power.  Be sure your controller can handle this much voltage. This is a very special pack for experienced DIY builders. Not only does the 72v battery give you more power it also gives you more watt hours which means more range than a comparable amp hour 48 volt battery.  (read our story on calculating range)


Although 17 ah may not seem like much at first glance, this is a 72 volt battery so you are actually getting over 1200 watt hours of power capacity.  


50 Amps

This is a high performance pack with our 50amp continuous BMS with temperature protection built in. (read our article on BMS). This is a high performance pack designed to put out 3500 watts of power and bursts of 6000 watts. Even if your current set up does need this type of amperage it will not hurt your current set up to have this capability for future builds. Plus the high performance cell is designed to last longer than lower quality cells even under lesser amperage. Do not worry about having too many amps as your controller will only use them if it needs them so it's always better to have too many, than not enough.

Quality Components

Every ingredient in this pack is top shelf from the cells, to the BMS, to the cell holders and nickel plates holding it together, to the xt-60 and xt-90 spark resistor connectors and our own volt meter built into the pack. All this comes together to be amazing pack for the price. We are very proud of our packs and the amazing price we are offering them for.

Smart Battery

Luna Cycles builds its packs with the finest BMS (battery management system) available so that you can plug in your battery and not worry about over charging. Your cells are automatically balanced by the internal BMS in the battery. Our BMS includes such features as temperature over heat protection and advanced cell balancing. These features not only get the maximum performance out of your bms they also keep your battery from getting to low, charging too high, or getting too hot and will automatically shut off your pack if it senses something is wrong. (read our article on BMS)

Cell Choice - Panasonic GA

This cell is an excellent choice because its both capable of putting out good amps and power dense. This is the same cell that Tesla uses in their vehicles and Panasonic made it to be used with electric vehicles.

Our cells are guaranteed to be authentic.

Read more about 18650 cell choice here: (breakdown on 18650 cells)


Make sure your controller is capable of handling 72 volts. This battery is 20s which means when at full charge it is at 84 volts. This battery is not compatible with any of our kits except for the Cyclone 3000w or Cyclone XL 7500w

This battery is right at the edge of what the Cyclone 3000w controller can handle. For people who purchase this battery from us and the Cyclone 3000w from us in the past, we will offer a 6 month warranty on the controller if you blow it out with this battery.

Includes our Advanced Charger

This battery comes with the 72 version of our Luna charger. You will be able to charge to 80,90 or 100 percent and charge at 300 watts. 

Read more about the charger here

Installation and basic info 

Installation And Basic Info: The Luna Softpack FAQ

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