ASI BAC 800 Controller 72v Version

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We are blowing these out at a phenomenal price, as we are not including the wiring harness.  Please note this product is sold as-is.

  • For advanced users only!
  •  JST PADP-24-1-S - For those who want to find their own harness.
  • Tiny Size
  • Up to 90 amps of peak current
  • 70 amp for one minute bursts
  • 40 amp continuous rating
  • Compatible with wide range of Li-ion batteries; 36-72v (nominal)
  • FOC Sine Wave for ultimate in efficiency and quiet operation
  • Smooth acceleration
  • Custom programmed for your Cyclone mid drive or Mac Hub  motor
  • Dimensions 81mm x 55mm x 39mm
  • Weight 300 grams
  • Made in Canada

We feel this is the best ebike controller to ever be on the market.  This is the same controller the $300 Grintech Phaserunner is based on. 

It replaces the ugly brick Chinese controllers that flood the market now with something small and sexy and has the smoothness that a true FOC sine wave controller offers.

This is a real FOC sine wave controller, where as most ebike sine wave controllers are simulated ones.

It offers the ultimate in high controllable power.

The drawback of real Sine Wave controllers are they are very difficult to program to work correctly with each motor type, so we are only offering this controller at the moment for a limited number of motors.

We use an oscilloscope and a bicycle dyno to tune the controller to work with the below list of motors. We include a custom made harness so that the controller is plug and play.

In the case of the motors with thermostats built in (the mini cyclone and the mac motor) the ASI will dial back power as the motor gets too hot making your motor more reliable at higher power levels. 

Please select which motor you intend to run with and we will custom program your controller
  • 3K Cyclone (not wired for extra accessories such as PAS, 3 speed switch and ebrakes)
  • Mini Cyclone (not wired for extra accessories such as PAS, 3 speed switch and ebrakes)
  • Mac Motor Hub Motor

Note: This is not a typical controller where amperage controls it, it's based on wattage. So if you have a lower voltage, it's going to pull more amperage. 
Wattage is peak rating on these option descriptions, not continuous. So a 4000W is programmed to run for up to 4000W, 2000W is programmed to run for up to 2000W.

Currently Cyclone and Mac are the motors we have the ASI custom programmed and tuned for and can only be used with these motors. If you have bought one of these motors from us in the past you can easily swap out your current motor for the ASI-800. Luna does not currently provide support or the ability to custom program for other motors.

For support questions please email not ASI.

Datasheet here