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Bafang BBS02 Mid Drive KIT

$599.00 $400.00
(You save $199.00)

Product Description


  • Upgraded controller with extra beefy 3077 mosfets to handle extra power
  • We offer a FREE programming of your firmware setting to turn your Bafang BBS02 into a hot rod
  • Affordable and powerful mid drive conversion kit
  • 25 amp upgraded mosfets controller  (up to 1300 watt with 52 volt battery)
  • Lightweight (~10 pounds) and very powerful
  • Turn almost any bike into a high-end mid drive ebike for very affordable price





Luna Cycle has proven itself to be the premier BBS02 dealer offering the best selection of kits with the best features at lower prices than you can find anywhere.


We cover most repair parts for all versions of the BBS02 past and future. 

This is the highest performance version of this drive with upgraded firmware (custom made for Luna Cycles) and a controller with upgraded 3077 mosfets designed to handle the higher power this upgraded firmware will give you. 

Do not let another USA dealer snow job you, there is no better or newer or faster BBS02 kit available.   

This price is for knowledgeable builders and people willing to do their homework before they buy.  If you fix things on your own bike and like tinkering then this kit is fine for you. It is a plug and play kit with everything you need except the battery and charger. If you have not installed an ebike kit on a bike before we recommend that you read the installation manual before you make the decision to buy this drive unit. 

We are an American company located in Southern California. Many other people who offer this type of pricing are in China and the problem with China is the shipping costs tend to be very high (around $80 for the drive unit and much more for batteries). If you think it's expensive to receive something sent from China, wait until you try to send something back to China. When you buy an ebike product from a non-reputable vendor in China you are basically getting it without a warranty. 

Regarding Controller and Firmware Hot Rod

Our kit includes a factory hotrodded controller different than most BBS02s purchased from China. The original BBS02 controller also had weak mosfets that would blow out easily when too much load was put on the system. We have had all our drives modified at the factory with more expensive and robust 3077 mosfets to make the controller handle more power without overheating. This makes it possible for us to change the firmware to a set up that allows you to utilize all peak 1300 watts this drive is capable of. We still recommend that you use a lot of common sense and keep your motor spinning fast by shifting down and keep your motor revving high when climbing. All electric motors prefer to spin at high rpms and you should keep this in mind and baby your bafang. We do not cover blown controllers under warranty. So if you overheat your controller by not following our operation guide, you will have to replace it. 

The way this kit comes from the manufacturer it is very solid and hard to burn out. It is also difficult to get the kit’s maximum 1300 watts of performance which you can do by upgrading the firmware. We sell our kits to experienced builders with the firmware already upgraded. (Click here for the firmware programming guide)

We recommend  you get the optional programming cable so you can tweak your own program settings. Their are many online guides which will help you do this. 


The Bbs02 is a better option over the bbshd in these cases:

when cost is a factor

when you do not  need the extra power the bbshd offers.

when you do not need extreme hill climbing power

when you want a lightweight build.

When you want your drive to be 100% street legal

Also check out the 1000w BBSHD if you want more power than the BBS02 offers.


Kit includes:  

  • Bafang mid drive motor 

  • 25 amp controller (built into drive system) with upgraded 3077 mosfets

  • Hot rod programmed for ultimate performance
  • Bottom bracket compatible with 68-73mm bottom brackets (most standard bikes)
  • Your choice of 44t  46t  48t  52t chain ring

  • Thumb throttle 

  • Ebrake handles  which cut off  the motor when depressed

  • C965 Display 


Read our complete review on this kit here

Watch ride video here


Which Bike?

The Bafang drive mounts in place of your current bike's bottom bracket and replaces your bike's crank set and front derailler if you have one. 

Your donor bike must have 68-73mm bottom bracket width. That means this kit will bolt onto almost any bicycle. But not fat bikes. We have the BBSHD which is 1000W nominal 1500W peak and will work with fat bikes 100-120mm bottom brackets (BBSHD located here).

Many people have found that the Bafang can actually be mounted to many types of trikes, which can be fun since many trikes are not good candidates for hub motor kits.


Maybe you have an old donor bike laying around you want to convert, or maybe you are wide open to which bike to buy and install this kit on.

If you are also shopping for a bike to install this kit, that is perfect. We recommend you pick a bike that is known to be compatible with this drive and has no known issues. Ideally a build report has been written on our builder forum so that you can follow step by step someone elses building steps.

Here is a post on our builders forum  with a picture  collection with links to  build reports you can quickly  scroll through. 



Which Options?

When you buy your drive the following info will help you pick which options are right for your bike.


Battery Options

This Kit includes everything you need to install the kit on most bikes except for battery and charger (which you can add at discounted price) all the batteries listed in the add as add ons are excellent choices for this kit.  We have picked our most popular batteries as kit options and have made them available at a discounted price.

However you are not stuck to just these choices. 

All of our 48v (see here) and 52v (see here) batteries are compatible with this kit as well if your looking for something larger in capacity. (more amp hours = larger size and farther range) 


Display Options

The displays  are our ebike dashboard and all of them display the same information (watts, battery indicator, speed, miles traveled, etc) so in essence just pick the display that you like the look of the most, since they all have the same basic functions. 


965- Standard display and recommend if you dont have a strong preference for something else.

DPC-14 A full color display (read more here)  that is a $45 upgrade option. If you want the fanciest best looking display this is it.

963- the smallest most discreet display...mounts by the throttle. A cult favorite. $40 upgrade price.

961 - The bafang default display that is not fancy but works perfect.


Sprocket Options:

We offer the Bafang with 3 different options for tooth count on the chainwheel.

46/48/52 tooth

Of course your gearing will also be determined by the rear cluster on the back of your bike. 

But you need to choose which of these 4 options you want up front.

46 tooth will give you the most reliable set up that is also very torquey and better for off road hill climbing.

48 tooth will give you the middle ground.

52 tooth will give you the highest top speed (30mph) but is only recommended for street riding and you should really take care not ot overheat your controller when running this high by keeping your motor spending fast. 

(Click here to read our special care & instructions guide here)


eBrake Options

The Bafang has the option of connecting with your bicycle brakes and automatically cutting off power when the brake is tapped.

The kit will work with or without the brake sensors plugged in.

The Bafang kit comes stock with new brake handles that can replace your existing brake handles.

You also have the option of getting magnet sensors which allows you to adapt your existing brakes.  This will help with users who have hydraulic brakes the sensors are not compatible with. 

You can also choose to go with a brand new set of hydraulic ebrakes with the sensors built in. 

Throttle options

If you are not sure about this one... pick the universal thumb throttle Thumb throttles are the safest and fit all bikes.

If you like motorcycle twist throttle, our custom Luna throttles are awesome.

Programming Cable Option

The Bafang has many setting which will effect the way the power comes on especially in pedals assist mode. We highly recommend this $20 option because it will allow you to customize in the future.

Their are many great programming guides available on the bbshd online. 


Luna Install Tool option

There are some proprietary nuts on the bottom bracket of the BBSHD that can be a little tricky to install without the right tool (still very easy to jerry rig something)

However the Luna install wrench was made to make this task a snap and make taking on and off your drive easier in the future. 

This is a $20 option.  Luna manufactures  this kit in their shop, and makes it affordable...the bafang install kit would cost anywhere from $65-$150 depending on which dealer you bought it from. 

73mm hardware

We include hardware to fit onto a 73mm BB shell (see below)


On a 73mm BB you may not fit the outer lockring on when using a BBS02 or BBS01. You also need to use the extra included washers, and the longer M6 x 20mm bolts. Use Loctite on the threads of the axle instead of using the second lockring (which really just acts as a jam nut) (this only applies to BBS02, BBSHD has long enough axle this is not necessary)


Support notes

Installation and use

How to Order the Right BBSxx Kit

BBSHD Pre-Buying Questions and Answers

BBSHD Chainwheels compared

BBSHD Installation





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  1. Great price, high quality and POWERFUL

    Posted by Theodore on Apr 16th 2016

    Easy to install if you know anything about crankset and BB removal. You just need plenty of zip ties in order to judiciously run the cables. Paired with the mega triangle battery, this thing is scary powerful. I ordered the 48 tooth crankwheel but it seems that it could easily handle the 52-tooth version as I rarely need the largest freewheel cog. As it is, I can easily cruise on flat ground at 22 mph, the only downside is that cars are hesitant to pass when you are moving at that speed.

    It takes a while to get the shifting down and learned that preparation is key--you should always be a gear lower than what the hill looks like otherwise the powerful unit strains the heck out of the drivechain and may spit your chain off if you are not careful. I also power down the PAS to 0 and then shift. Flat ground is not a problem and it is great getting some exercise and having the pedal assist and throttle when the going gets tough. The throttle is also great to get you going in intersections--just make sure that you're in one of the lower 3-4 gears.

    So far I have put 31 miles on the unit and the battery gauge dipped one bar but went back up again. These 31 miles have been mostly up and down hills that I could not handle otherwise in Northern NJ.

    The bottom line is that this quality Bafang gear is a new lease on life for my old heart and I love it! I dusted off the old Cannondale panniers and will now surely use my new rig for shopping trips.

    BTW, the conversion was made on a '64 Raleigh Sport/Huffy Sportsman rebadge with recycled 27" Schwinn wheels and Shimano 5-speed freewheel. I needed a different handlebar in order to have room for all the controls. The only issue that I had was that there was not enough space between the chainstay and the spokes for the speed sensor. I had to zip tie it directly to the chainstay and ditch the mount.

  2. Great system

    Posted by Mikeal Davenport on Apr 8th 2016

    The install went smooth system works perfect. I ordered hydraulic brake cut off sensors but you still end up with mechanical brake levers with the cut offs. I suppose I could sell them or keep as back ups but seems kinda like a waste, why not offer the hydraulic cut offs instead of the mechanical ones. Seems like that would save the customer and Luna money. The only other Con is if you have a 73mm crank you will need longer bolts than the kit comes with. Twice as long and the stack of washers or a 1/4" spacer is the way i went looks way better than a stack of washers. These are not deal breakers just minor annoyances.

  3. First Time eBike this motor

    Posted by Eric on Mar 18th 2016

    I picked up a gorgeous bike from PUBLIC bikes here in Seattle, and ordered a BBS02 and 48v Panasonic PF 11.5ah Bottle Battery. The install was straightforward . I did it myself with only a few cheap tools I ordered from amazon, like the bottom bracket socket and crank puller tool. The hills in Seattle are relentless and very steep. This motor handles them all with absolutely no problem. I even crashed my bike hard one day upon finding one of those great new streetcar tracks :-( Nothing was out of shape. The battery goes and goes....LOVE THIS KIT!

  4. Capable and simple

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 21st 2016

    I'm in love. I live at 5800 feet elevation in the San Bernardino mountains. I rode 122 kilometers from Lake Arrowhead to Big Bear and back. The power assist setting was at 2 all day. With the 44 tooth chain ring, 26 tooth sprocket and 26 inch tires, I could pedal up 6% grades at 16 kph (10 mph) with the same ease I could pedal a regular bicycle on a slight down hill. I was out riding for 10 hours, never breaking a sweat, towing a bicycle trailer (Bob) with lunch and jackets in it. I could stop anywhere I wanted and enjoy the view. Can't do that in a car. Also picked up some groceries on the way back. I could put my hand to the motor at the top of a long climb and feel a slight difference between my hand temperature and the motor.

    If I used full throttle, that would heat up the engine. I only use full throttle for about 50 yards at a time to get up that last crest of the hill. Full throttle is more powerful than the pedal assist setting of 5. The motor has never been too hot to keep my hand on. Helpful tips on what and why things burn out on the Bafang can be found here:

    Installation took 8 hours. That includes the time it took to get the old pedals, cranks and bracket out. I needed a special socket to get the bracket on my bicycle out. I also had to move the plastic guide for the rear derailer by drilling and tapping a new hole for the screw that holds it in. I was not satisfied with the chain alignment, so I took off the sprocket, moved the two outer gears to the inside and put it back on. I only have the three easiest gears to use, now, but that's all I need. Pedal assist setting 1 gives me 12 kph, 2 = 16 kph, 3 = 20 kph, 4 = 24 kph and 5 = 28 kph. The power provided to reach those speeds seems the same.

    Just in case you are wondering, my battery has 720 quantity 18650 cells from Apple iBook G3's (over 10 years old). It puts out 48.5 volts when fully charged and it was down to 45.6 volts when I got back from the 122 kilometer trip. They say the Bafang cuts out at 46 volts. It would not give me full throttle on the last hill, but it would give me pedal assist setting 2.

    What a fun, new toy!

  5. Complete Kit, High quality

    Posted by Alec on Feb 5th 2016

    As a first time e-bike builder, I shopped around and went with LunaCycle based on their offering of a complete kit. The motor, controller, display panel and brakes/sensor were all included, and made installation a snap. If you're thinking about doing a conversion - it's pretty easy if you know anything about bikes. I put the kit on a hardtail K2 twenty-niner and it fit/functions perfectly. Waiting for better weather to road test it - but I have no doubts this will be a commuting game changer for me here in Colorado.

  6. The BBS02 changed my life

    Posted by Karl Gesslein owner of on Jan 20th 2016

    I destroyed a lot of motors before I bought my first BBS02 several years ago. It has changed my life. I currently own 8 BBS02 750W units on different bikes and I started to share and disseminate material about the BBS02. I've ridden tons of ebikes and I can tell you that at this price range NOTHING out there comes close. The BBS02 will not disappoint. It is currently the best ebike motor in the world hands down.

  7. Rad!

    Posted by Behn on Jan 9th 2016

    I never write reviews, but I had to because the bbs02 mid drive with the 52 volt 11.5 ah Samsung battery and Luna's programming, exceeded my expectations.
    To convert, I had an old mountain bike that was beginning to rust. I'm not really an avid bike rider, I would rather walk places because my terrain is so hilly. So after looking at kits online for three years, nervous about ordering from overseas, I finally bit the bullet and ordered from Luna cycle during their Black Friday sale. The reviews (shameless plugs) from were correct, they had prices as cheap(or cheaper)than China but with better support. The kit was very simple to put on, some specialty tools are needed but my local bike shop helped me out, took about an hour, I was riding that night. The controller was programmed perfectly out of the box. Has great torque, gets me up almost every hill without even getting warm( me or the motor) I thought it would be good, but I never imagined how cool. I've been riding it a couple times a day ever since I put it on. I charge the battery every other day, could probably go three, (I only charge to 90%, for battery health). The dog is very happy, on pedal assist one, it is the perfect speed for running an athletic dog. I got the 44 tooth sprocket gear and leave it on the largest rear gear, I always pedal, but sometimes it's just moving my legs for show. It's quiet enough to hear approaching cars. I wish I had disk brakes for the downhills, you still coast at full speed.
    I ride trails through the forest over roots and through puddles, down to the beach to see the sunset, things I would never have done before because I would be too out of breath to enjoy it. I recommend this for anyone. It make a great gift for the person who has everything, or It's almost like a trail 90, but lighter and quieter, and no mc license. YOU WANT THIS!

  8. Trek 8.6DS ebike conversion - initial impressions...

    Posted by David Lambert on Dec 20th 2015

    Just converted a Trek 8.6DS with the Bafang 750w mid-drive and the Shark 52v 11 mAh battery combo - both purchased through LunaCycle. The conversion did not take significantly longer than did the acquisition of material - I purchased the mid-drive first, began the installation while making the final decision on the battery. With any degree of mechanical capability, the conversion is fairly easy and there are plenty of YouTube videos available to help if needed.

    I have just taken my new conversion on a couple of quick trips but it's amazing how once you have everything in place, just turn the system on and start peddling...and away you go. It's pretty slick. Very happy with this thus far!! More to come.

  9. First Thoughts

    Posted by Mike Nuss on Dec 20th 2015

    Ok, so this is my first eBike, and I really don't like to use that term, although that's what it is. Just to set the stage, I built this bike as a MTB, not a commuter. Had a 10 yr old Intense Socom with a crack in the joint at the frame/seatpost, that had been hanging in the bike garage for the past 4 years. Mike at Burn-A-Rod down by Sky Harbor Airport did a bang up job of welding, and I had a strong frame to work with. Left the stock Fox coil shock on the rear, and Boxxer up front. Lined up my old and spare parts on the workbench and ordered some replacement components to round things out. In a nutshell, I had a long travel Freeride bike with 26 inch WTB wheelset, Maxxis Minion and Lust tires, Avid Code brakes, new drivetrain including Shimano Zee shifter and rear derailleur, 11-36 Shimano nickel plated steel cassette, (with Praxis 11-40 waiting in the wings), RaceFace stem, Sunline handlebar, etc. Bought the RaceFace 34T chainring to get the lowest gearing for the tough climbs I plan to do.

    With the 48v Panasonic NCR18650b 20ah battery pack having no place to mount on my frame, I am in the process of fabricating XT 90 connectors to a 14 gauge coiled cord so it can ride in my pack. Battery weighs about 9 lbs, so my pack with H2O , battery, and tools, tips the scales at 17 lbs, and doesn't feel too heavy for my 5' 10" height and 165 lb weight. The Socom weighs in at 44 lbs, about 8 lbs heavier than stock, but as you know, the Bafang Mid-Drive is mounted down low, so it still handles great. I went with a left hand thumb throttle, but skipped the Lectric Cycle shift sensor I had tried out in Tempe, AZ, in a November test ride. More on that later.

    I got to the final build with lots of help. By reading, and reading and reading Eric's blog, and Karl's "rantings, reviews, and pontifications." Just kidding Karl, you rock. Also picked Chris's brain at Lectric Cycle in Tempe, and although I think their shop can build you a great bike, (I saw many in the shop), they want to do it, and I wanted this to be my build, not theirs. And LunaCycle has the best prices for the high quality components, especially battery packs. Thanks Ashley for your efforts during the Black Friday melee.

    I cannot comment on durability, but that review will come in due time. I just want to state my first impressions for those of you that are thinking of, or in the process of building such. I had only the chance to get a couple of rides in before leaving for the holidays, but my first off road, MTB ride was an eyeopener, to say the least. It consisted of about 14 road miles, with some steep 10-12 % grade climbs, and 5 miles on Trail 100 in the Phoenix Preserve, including very steep, 12-15% grade segments. I tried multiple combinations from throttle only to pedal assist 1 through 5.

    First, even though the Socom is a long travel MTB, with pedal assist on 3, 4, or 5, it is extremely fun on the road. If I get a chance, I may mount up a 2nd set of rims with road tires and turn this thing into a errand bike/grocery getter. It's fun to whiz by all the road bikers on their high dollar mounts;)

    With that said, off road this thing ROCKS. Pedal assist 3 works very well on the open, easier grade climbs. You still put in physical effort, but a little less than usual, and travel at twice the speed. ie, the first climb out of the Tomahawk trailhead is about a mile, with 150 foot elevation gain. On my Specialized Epic or Intense Tracer 2, it takes me about 9 minutes. First ride on the eBike? Just over 4 minutes. And fun, popping through the corners, and cresting the little summits easily. On to the relatively flat and fast section of Trail 100, for the next mile I climbed another 50 feet, with speeds between 10-15 mph, again taking half the time I would normally.

    Things got interesting as I turned onto the 1 A segment, which is a much more technical ride. Pedal assist got turned down to 1, maybe 2 on some segments, and speeds were only minimally higher than on a regular bike. But still very fun, and I never hit the motor on any of the technical rocky sections, climb or descent. At one point I lost assist, but I just kept pedaling, and I am unsure as to what the problem was, as in a few minutes it came back on. Overheat? Hit the wrong button on the programming display? Not sure, but I was on a tight schedule so I didn't stop to figure it out. On the real steep sections, I tried both throttle only and assist level 1. With throttle, one has to be careful of wheelies !

    Off of Trail 100 and onto surface streets for the remainder of the ride, what a joy. I always hate pedaling the 4 miles home on my regular bike. To throttle home was a relief. Top speed in the low 20's.

    19.3 mile ride with 1237 feet of climbing, around 2 hours. Used less than half of my battery. Got a decent workout.

    It is kind of like having a lightweight motorcycle but you still pedal. I am really looking forward to a lot longer rides, and I will update this review after the holidays.

    Only downside was the cranks kept loosening. I put some loctite on them after I got home, and really cranked the allen bolts, so we will see. Thus my 4 star rating.

    And you DEFINITELY need to buy the RaceFace chainring. You will need it for proper MTB gearing, but I tried the Bafang ring on the road for speed, and must have had the chain derail half a dozen times in as many minutes. A drag. The other reason for 4 star rating.

    For my needs, I believe the 750 watt motor will be enough, and the 4 lbs saved very important. Also less $$.

    Happy Trails

  10. Bafang BBS02 Number two

    Posted by PaPaLee on Dec 8th 2015

    I have one of these with over 1,000 miles on it and it works great. I set one up for a friend on an xtracycle conversion and it is sweet. She's running a 38 tooth sprocket into a Shimano 8 speed hub. First gear is super low and ought to handle the steepest dirt track. It will climb my steep hill in second gear no problem.

    I don't like the speedo pickup. There really is no easy way to to get it out of the way in case of a flat without losing the tiny little adjustment screw.

    I don't like the fact that Bafang has removed the watt meter from the C965 Display. I found it very handy on mine while learning how to operate the motor and gearing efficiently.

    But still I give it 5 stars.

    I don't like the 3 button motor control swiitch because you can't access all the functions that the 5 button switch allows like setting the battery capacity and resetting the trip meter is a bit of a hassle.

  11. My experience after 500 miles

    Posted by Brian Nugent on Oct 26th 2015

    Its everything that I expected from electricbike review that introduced me to mid drive motors. Its pure fun having the motor quickly and silently get you to your desired speed.
    This beats the gas motor kit on another bike hands down for economy and zero maintenance. Energy cost to go 50 miles is about 17c electricity (in MA) v $4.4 gas (22mpg car), ie 26 cheaper.

    Though the motor doesn't sense the force of your pedalling, it indirectly achieves the same thing by measuring your pedalling cadence and wheel speed to apply enough power to make your pedalling into effortless spinning. To contribute actual pedal power, you need to use a faster gear to slow down the cadence and or use a lower assist level.

    With the 1.1kWh battery I get between 37 miles (spin pedalling, misc hills, and going > 25 mph) and up to 60 miles, (real pedalling, misc hills, and going 15-20 mph). 80 mile range might be possible if you keep speed < 15 mph on level windless rides. The google maps route planning in bicycle mode helps to pick routes with least ascends & descends.

    Change gears in small steps and it helps if you momentarily reduce the assist level while changing to avoid clanging the derailleur. I would love to use a Nuvinci 360 CVT hub but their warranty is voided for mid drive motors over 350W. With my typical 50 mile, 2.5 ave hrs of battery use, that gives an ave power draw of 400W. Of course my actual power draw will vary widely 750W down to say 100W during my rides. A Nuvinci might be best for a hyper miler who rides closer to 15mph to maximise range which in turn lowers aver power draw.

    Battery life
    The site has very good info and graphs on how to maximize battery life.
    Reducing Depth of Discharge helps a bit, but overall, the miles per life cycle of battery increases just a little.
    Much more important is how fully the cells are charged. The basic 5A charger, charges the cells all to nominal 4.2V so you may expect ~500 full cycles. Each 10mV reduction in full charge voltage, doubles battery life but reduces capacity 15%. An optimal 3.9V cell voltage would extend no of cycles to 5000 but reduces capacity to 58% giving about 6x more miles per battery life. But you'd likely want to buy double the battery size to get back your range and the programmable charger is well over $200.

    When you zip up hills at 20mph which you used to struggle at 4mph, be prepared for people to stop you with questions. If lunacycle bundled in business cards or flyers with the kit, I'd be giving them away.
    Anyway, this motor kit is a lot of fun.

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