Batt Man Ebike Amp Hour Fuel Gauge


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Note: This item is archived and likely discontinued. For gauges we have in stock check our Gauge section

  • Extremely accurate fuel gauge for Ebikes
  • Dash mounted for super convenience
  • Speedometer sensor included
  • USB Programmable
  • Minimal wiring clutter

video-icon.png Watch Batt-Man Connector Assembly here

video-icon.png Watch Batt-Man Programming Instructions here

manuals-icon.png Read Batt-Man Manual here

software-icon.png Download Batt-Man Programming Software (no drivers needed)


Batt-man digital dashboard 

Read the complete users manual here

NOTE KNOWN ISSUE:   if the Batt-man's display ever goes off and wont turn on it needs to be reset using this reset procedure: Hold down  the reset button with the battery unplugged and then plug in the battery while holding the button. 

This new battery gauge we are very happy with.
It has a lot of the same features as the popular Cycle Analyst but in a more condensed size and more affordable price. 
It offers many advantages over the Cycle Analyst despite being much more affordable:
  • It only has a few wires coming from it instead of the huge cluster coming out of the cycle analyst.
  • It has a built in shunt that is easier to solder than the Cycle Analyst
  • It has a compact size that is easy to mount.
  • It has an awesome mounting system that is effective and looks good

Batt-man digital dashboard has 3 screens:

Main screen

Main screen
    • Speedometer - displays speed in the desired measurement units (km/h, mph).
    • Trip odometer - displays driving distance since it was last reset.
    • Graphical fuel gauge - a visual way to indicate how much battery power is left.

Battery meter screen

Battery meter screen

    • Current- displays the instantaneous Amperes flowing in the system.
    • Voltage- displays battery voltage.
    • Discharge- displays the accumulated Amp-hours drawn since it was last reset.
    • Power- displays the instantaneous power of the system. (* when there is no current this field shows Wh).


Peak data screen

    • Max Amps- displays the maximum recorded Amps.
    • Min Voltage- displays the minimum measured battery voltage.
    • Top speed- displays the maximum recorded speed.
    • Max Watts- displays the maximum recorded power.



Peak data screen

Batt-man digital dashboard GUI(Graphical User Interface):

Batt-man digital dashboard has a USB interface, for easy setup, logging uploads and firmware update.

Settings screen

Peak data screen


    • "Read total" - reads the accumulated values stored in Batt-man's internal flash.
    • "Reset" - resets the accumulated values stored in Batt-man's internal flash, use it when replacing a battery or installing the Batt-man on a new vehicle.



    • "Program" - sends the values selected to Batt-man's memory
    • "Read" - Reads current settings from Batt-man's memory (called automatically when connected)
    • "Wheel diameter" - set your wheel diameter or circumference, for the speedometer.
    • "Battery capacity" - set your total battery capacity (XX.XXXAh). Batt-man will use this setting to calculate the amount of charge left in the battery.


Logger screen

Peak data screen

Batt-man records the following real time values, while driving:
Voltage (red graph), Amperes (blue graph) and speed (green graph).
The logger will reset when the user resets Batt-man, you can log up to 1:30 hours of traveling.
The logger records data only when the speed is greater than zero or the discharge is greater than 300ma. The logger does not record when the device is connected to the USB.

Advanced screen

Peak data screen


  • "Upgrade firmware" - use this button to change Batt-man's firmware, when new firmware is available.


    • "Program" - sends the values selected to Batt-man's memory
    • "Read" - Reads current settings from Batt-man's memory (called automatically when connected)
    • "load defaults" - every Batt-man is manually calibrated, these default calibration settings can always be retrieved.
    • "Shunt resistance" - the value in milliohms of your shunt.(*)
    • "Shunt offset" - if your Amps reading is not 0 when there is no load, add the Amps reading to this value in order to reach 0 reading.(*)
    • "Voltage divider" - used to calibrate the voltage.(*)
    • "Voltage offset" - used to calibrate the voltage.(*)

 *Advanced users use only.


      • Maximum continuous current - 70A
      • Maximum momentary current - 160A (for less than 5 seconds)
      • Maximum voltage - 100V
      • Maximum amp hour - 65.000Ah
      • Maximum watt hour - 6500.0Wh
      • Blue backlight for night vision

      • USB interface



If display goes blank and needs reset: The procedure is to turn off the power, hold the reset button then power it up.