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Luna Charger 48V Advanced 300W Ebike Charger

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Product Description


  • NOTE: This has an XT60 Connector, For an Adapter to Work with Your Shark or Dolphin Cases Please Go (here)

  • 48V (13S) charger 
  • Designed for 18650-cell and lithium ion battery packs
  • Smaller and lighter than other 5 amp chargers 
  • Smart charger keeps your pack safe and maximizes its life span
  • Automatically shuts down when pack is full
  • Voltage display lets you monitor your voltage as you charge
  • Charge to 80%, 90% or 100% with simple 3 position rotary knob (Read about battery longevity)
  • Has the ability to double the life of your battery if charged at 80% only
  • Charge fast or slow (can be changed from 1 to 5 amps) with a twist of a knob (Read about charging speed here)
  • High quality fans run quiet and are reliable
  • Anodized Sea Blue aluminum case
  • 2.5 pounds
  • 7.25 x 3.5 x 2 (dimensions in inches)
  • 110V AC input for North America
  • Charges to 54.4V
  • XT60 plug (can easily be changed, our xt60 barrel adapter is required for use with hardcase batteries and can be bought in connector section, do not charge over 3 amps on a barrel connector or the connector will melt)


 read our online manual here. 


The Luna Charger was made to our specifications from the largest most reputable ebike charger manufacturer in China. Because we ordered in  large volume we got a very good price and pass that price onto you.  We mean the charger to be a statement of what we want to do which is offer one of a kind products at an affordable price.

We made this charger with a surprisingly small form factor considering it is a serious 300 watt charger. We also had our case anodized sea-blue and had an LED display built onto the face of it. When you plug in the Charger the LED displays the maximum voltage it charges to (54.5V for a nominal 48V pack). After you plug in your battery, it tells you what voltage your battery is at, and you can monitor your voltage while charging.

We wanted our charger to be quiet, so we made ours with high quality and reliable fans. From selling other chargers, we have realized that cheap fans are the #1 reason for charger failure. Charger failure was our #1 reason for customer support issues last year, so now we will have our own charger that we know is reliable and we can sell with our packs. The Luna Charger is specially designed to maximize 18650-cell battery pack life by having two very important features:

#1 It can charge at 1 to 5 amps
#2 It can charge your battery to 80%,  90% or 100% 

Most importantly the Luna Charger accomplishes both these functions while being very easy to use. Both of these two functions are changeable with a twist of a knob, so you don't need to fidget with any digital interfaces to change your charge. No instruction manual needed here. This is a very simple charger to use.

Charge Slow or Fast
We know that charging slow will extend your battery's life, but we also know everyone likes or needs a fast charge now and then.

(read our article on charging fast or slow)

Do Partial Charging
Charge to 80% or 100% to really maximize life expectancy (Read our article about battery longevity)

Car manufacturers such as Tesla (who also ride with giant Panasonic battery packs) have proven that if you do not charge your pack to 100 percent every time you ride, you will greatly extend the life of your pack.

The Luna Charger adds life to your pack without taking a wad of money from your pocket.


Additional Information and Specifications


     - Charger is configured with reverse polarity, over current, over voltage, and short circuit protections.

     - Fuse protected

     - Precise limit of voltage and current, intelligent control, and avoids over charge.

     - Simple Dual LED indicators : Led 1 shows power is on,  LED 2: red shows the battery being charged, or green shows the battery fully charged (or no load at DC side).

     - Voltage display shows the output voltage inside the charger, and the relative voltage of the battery.

     - Toggle switch allows you to do partial charge, 80%, 100% 

How to Operate

     1. Check the parameters of the charger and the parameters of the battery to ensure the compatibility of the charger with your battery.

     2. If you need to swap-in your own connector, be absolutely certain the red cable goes to the positive of your connector, and the black wire goes to negative.

     3. Make especially sure that the chargers maximum voltage is the same as your batteries maximum voltage. The 48V (13S) chargers max voltage is 54.6V. The 52V model of chargers max voltage is 58.8V. Your batteries maximum voltage must match these.

     4. Make sure your charger is plugged in. When LED 1 is red, it means the power is on.

     5. Users can choose how many amps they want their charge current at with the twist knob. 

     6.  Charge percentage knob can partially charge your battery to prolong its life. We recommend you only go to full charge when you are planning a long ride, and you do not store your battery fully charged. A small screw driver or Allen key must be used to change this switch.

     7. When LED 2 Turns red, and the fan stops, the battery is fully charged, and the charger will stop charging.


     - This charger is configured for use with Luna 18650-cell battery packs. We make no guarantees about compatibility using other batteries. Please be sure the voltage matches your battery. For example only use the 48V charger on a 48V pack.


     - It is up to the user to determine if the charger is appropriate for his battery.


     - If the charger does not work properly, please make sure the charger and battery are connected properly.

     - The voltage display will light up even if you are not plugged into the household current. Look at  the red LED on the back of the charger to make sure you are getting power.

     - The charger should be used in a well ventilated area.

     - The aluminum case is an important part of heat dissipation. Make sure it isn't covered up or smothered.

     - Check the fuse on the back to see if it is burned.

     - Unplug the battery, and then plug it back in to reset. (sometimes this is needed after changing percentage charge switch)








1. Why is the LED blinking and the fan is cycling on and off?



1. When balancing a pack the charger will cycle on and off , this is normal behavior. Note that balancing does not occur every time the pack is charged so this may seem like intermittent behavior.

How do I use this with a hardcase battery pack?
If you buy this charger as part of a combo with the battery we will know to include an adapter that will make it work, if you buy it by itself then please purchase the adapter so we know to include it



Product Reviews

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  1. Dramatic Improvement Over Previous Model

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 23rd 2017

    I have an older advanced charger with the red switch to toggle between 80 and 100 percent charge. That charger works fine but it makes a horrible piercing squeal that I think is capacitor whine.

    This new charger is very quiet. The percentage charge selector knob, along with the option to charge to 90 percent, make it much better than the previous charger.

    My only complaint is that if you charge the battery without turning it on then the charger will spin up and down repeatedly as the battery approaches full charge. The charger should be able to tell that it is trying to charge a deactivated battery and it should stop spinning up and down.

    EDIT: NOTE FROM LUNA: Dear customer, please note that when the charger is spinning up and down at the end of a charge cycle this is part of the regular balancing process where it is working with the BMS on the pack to balance the banks of cells, it is a good thing and you want this to happen when charging to 100%. On some chargers it indicates that balancing is happening via lights, on this charger it indicates it via the fan kicking on and off as it tops up the pack while the pack is bleeding down the highest cell bank in the pack.

  2. As advertised, quick delivery

    Posted by Kurt E. Walberg on Aug 11th 2017

    Responsive to questions pre-order, a quick and easy ordering process, quick turnaround, product performs as indicated.

    Looking forward to having my battery "live long and prosper" by following the instructions about extending battery life provided on the website.

    Only reservation is that the charger's cardboard box was water damaged and the included instructions were soaked and dried together. Performance not affected.

  3. Very good charger

    Posted by Ethan on Jul 24th 2017

    Absolutely fantastic. Excellent 5 position current adjust (1-5), which allows you to have rapid charging as well as the option to prolong the lifespan of your battery pack. It also has 80%, 90% and 100%. 80% cuts off very low for my pack.. at about 50V, which isn't very full. I've settled for 90% which seems to just skip the saturation stage. The dials for current/capacity don't line up exactly with the markings on the case, which is a little annoying but not that big of a deal.

  4. Excellent charger, Even better price!

    Posted by W. Paul Shivers on Apr 7th 2017

    One of the major pains of owning a E-Bike is charging a 12Ah battery with the factory provides 2Ah charger, it can take HOURS!. Then there is no choice as to how much of a charge you want with any accuracy

    Until Luna starting offering these rather well made chargers in a variety of voltages! (I needed a 48v and a 36v for my two E-Bikes). 3 levels of charge are available, 80%, 90% and 100%. You also have 5 levels of amperage to choose how quickly you want to get to your preset charge level 1A-5A, Perfect. Now you can get in from a ride, battery depleted and be ready to go again in and hour or two depending on how much of charge works well for you! The only Con I have is the Fans are a bit noisy, but I'd rather have little noise, better than an overheated charger! Fans shutdown as soon as the battery is charged, think of it as audible timer! Great buy!!

  5. very nice charger

    Posted by kevin on Apr 2nd 2017

    Quality is good works Great! I like the ability to adjust charge amps and percent charge
    Thank you for offering a quality product

  6. Second to none

    Posted by Sean from NJ on Mar 27th 2017

    Bought a complete kit to electrify my bike and couldn't be happier. The charger I received has updated switches and works very well. I've actually started charging my Killer Whale pack at a lower amperage setting and to 80% so as to increase the life. Very very happy and will buy again. Definitely need a spare for the office :-)

  7. Great design and flexibility

    Posted by Larry Hayes on Feb 4th 2017

    Wonderful to have a smart charger for todays lithium packs with both variable amperage/wattage output (1-5 amps) and maximum charge levels (80/90/100%). The only issue I've had to date is that one of the adjustment dials seemed frozen or stuck in one setting until I finally had to go at it with a pair of pliers for extra leverage (it's now working fine). Otherwise would have given this five stars--very slick piece of equipment!

  8. Versatile charger

    Posted by Jim Gordon on Feb 3rd 2017

    It's all good.

  9. no switch labels or instructions

    Posted by Duncan Rhodes on Oct 9th 2016

    A nice, compact, well-designed unit. Marred by no included instruction sheet, no labels on switches. Rather confusing to determine how to use it. Customers shouldn't need to hunt on-line to figure out how to use it. Fan (& fan noise) cycles on & off as it nears completion of charging cycle.

  10. It looks like something I would make--and I wish that was a compliment.

    Posted by Evan on Sep 26th 2016

    This charger fulfills its function, but there are some downsides.
    First, this charger gets HOT. And not just when it's charging. It's very warm even when idle, so it's probably burning a fair bit of electricity.

    Second, the connector is...a little amateurish. It's cobbled together out of what looks like RadioShack parts and shrink tubing. It also does not seem that durable, which isn't comforting when you're putting ~250 watts through it.

  11. Ebike charger

    Posted by Larry W on Sep 1st 2016

    Compact in size, charges fast. Like the voltage read out. My only wish is that the charging cable for the battery was longer. Ordering some additional cable and connectors would make it more convenient.

  12. Not exactly what I thought I was getting

    Posted by Matt B. on Aug 22nd 2016

    First, I was told from Luna that the charger would charge at a rate of 1-5 amps. I liked the ability to charge at 1 amp. Dont care about the time, just wanted to extend the life of the pack. As I now know it it only does 3 or 5. Second the charger, at least mine, does not read the proper voltage. I bought the dolphin 13.6 AH pack with the panasonic GA cells in it. It says the voltage is 54.3 volts at full charge. The pack is actually only charged to 53.8 volts. I have several meters. They all say the same. Took the pack to some of my electronic friends house that have meters. Says the same. Took it too an electronic shop with really great meters. Says the same thing. Im going with my charger is off by half a volt. Not sure why. Other than that the charger seems to do its job. On another note, with this pack im not sure if full charge is considered over 53 volts, or if it should be higher. Thats what the chart says. I have another 11.6 AH dolphin pack that has the Panasonic PF cells in it. At max charge it reads 54.4 volts on my meter. Not sure if that half a volt matters between the packs. According to the chart that is 5 percent of a charge. Luna tech support, if you read this and would like to contact me about either of these matters please do so.

  13. Luna 300W Charger 48VDC

    Posted by Kent on Aug 19th 2016

    This charger works using the supplied 1/8" power jack for Luna Killer Whale battery pack. I'm using this charger in 90% charge mode @ 3 Amps typically. A very high quality, well made, reliable charger especially compared with those bricks out there.

  14. Melted Cable

    Posted by Alan on Jul 30th 2016

    Fast charge, but melted the charge cable.

  15. So Far So Good

    Posted by Theron Chaplin on Jul 27th 2016

    I've only used the charger twice, but it works well. I'm using it to charge my 48V carbon shark GA battery. I ordered the charger when I ordered the battery and kit so it came with the appropriate adapter.

  16. The control to slow charge and 80% charge is a win

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 17th 2016

    This charger alows 80,90,100% charge at several amp settings. This is much nicer than the cheep ones. A wise choice considering the cost of battery's. Easy to use

  17. Nice Product of High Quality. Video is Outdated

    Posted by GK on Jul 17th 2016

    The charger I got appears to be a newer version where all the switches for the Ampere (3 versus 5) setting as well as the Percent Charge (80, 90, 100) setting switches are reconfigured. The video does not appear to have been updated to reflect the design changes. Please either update the video or put some verbiage that does not confuse the customers.

  18. Works great, but no instructions

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 16th 2016

    The charger works fine. However it did not come with instructions and there are no markings on the unit to indicate which position of the switch is 80% or 100% (90% is easy - it's the center). So I knocked off one star for lack of customer empathy of the part of the manufacturer and Luna.
    However, I love the option of different levels and charge rates (amp setting). And I love the digital voltage readout.

  19. This Charger Reflects Current Thinking on Charging

    Posted by George S on Dec 25th 2015

    The current thinking, serious scientific studies, say that lithium ion packs should not be charged aggressively. This comes down to final charge voltages. Voltage rises as more charge is pushed into the cells, but beyond a certain point, it speeds the deterioration of the battery. The 'best' charge, for practical purposes, may be 90%.

    In the past, when battery cells were barely able to provide the range people wanted, it made sense to sell ebike packs based on aggressive charging. Now that prices are lower, and capacities higher (per cell), it is logical to buy a bigger pack and charge a bit less.

    Without a charger like this, there is no simple way to charge to 90%. The best way might be to have a parallel circuit with the charger (to the battery) and monitor the voltage. For a 48v pack, a voltage around 53v would be close to 90%. With practice, you might know your discharge and how the voltages line up, to get to around 90%. Then you could set a timer. This charger makes it easier and more reliable.

    In theory, a 90% charge doubles the cycle life of the battery. That is what electric car companies are doing. Car lithium packs have been lasting a lot longer than ebike batteries. No one knows exactly why, but this 90% (or somewhat lower) final charge must play some role.

    It helps to buy a larger battery pack, because there is less stress, and a 10% drop in capacity matters less. For people who are going to need strong battery performance, either high C rates or deep discharge, it's a lot easier to find large packs these days, at better prices.

    This is a nice charger, anyway. The voltage readout is very useful. If something is not as it should be, the voltage will probably indicate a problem. At a low voltage, the charger may not be working. At a high voltage, above the peak voltage, it would be prudent to stop charging.

    As far as I know the manual is online, and it explains the two settings. You can charge at 3 amps or 5 amps, and set the final charge to 100%, 90%, or 80%. For a 20 amp hour pack, the 5 amp charging rate would be more convenient. It seems that with the pack I have, the Shark pack, the charger and discharge wires (black and red) will be the same, and use the same connector. It's not configured for the standard charger port. It all works, through the the XT 60 plugs. The Shark is an essential pack (no frills), but small, light and rather elegant.