Watt Meter / Battery Gauge

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NOTE: 48v nominal version can only be used on our 48v batteries...can blow out if used on 52 volt batteries with voltage spikes

  • Accurate amp hour reading tells you how much is left in your battery
  • 0-150amps tells you how much juice your engine is sucking
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Load side is female the Source side is male
  • Comes with XT90 connectors attached
  • 48v version can handle a fully charged 48v pack (which reaches around 54), can also handle lower voltages
  • 52v version can handle a fully charged 52v pack (which reaches around 58 fully charged), can handle lower voltages
  • If you are not sure which one to get, get the higher voltage version


Finally an affordable way to keep track of amp hours...the most accurate way to know how much juice is left in your  ebike battery and the true capacity of your battery.

It has an xt90 female  connector on load side and a male connector on the source side.  Basically you can connect it anywhere in between your battery and controller by coming in between the positive and negative lead wires.  It also can be used with a charger to conveniently be able to tell how many amp hours are going into your battery when charging and how many amps is the charger putting out. 



1. Does this replace the dashboard display on my ebike?



1. No, while it does offer many of the same readings it is focused on the battery parameters only. There is no speed indication or distance measuring for instance. 

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6 Reviews

Don Minogue, Stewartstown, Pa Sep 15th 2016

Luna cycles Watt meter

I'm not exactly sure what I was expecting when I purchased this meter. It does exactly what it was advertised to do, measure energy delivered. It seems well made and is very accurate. That being said, for my purpose, as a casual ebiker, it is an un-necessary add on. The biggest draw back is it's always on and consumes a minimal amount of juice as long as it's connected. It's hard to read in the direct sun, and cycles thru the info too fast for me to read. I would not discourage anyone else from purchasing, I just don't feel it's the best money ever spent.

David Lackman Aug 7th 2016

Nice Gauge

Very nice Gauge for the money, a little difficult to see in direct sunlight, so I'm going to make a plastic shadow box for mine. Straight forward no buttons or confusing menu's, happy I purchased this. Thanks Luna!

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