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LCD DashBoard For Sondors Bike Hot Rod Programmed KT-LCD3

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Product Description

May not be compatible with latest sondors bikes.  Check to see if your throttle has an on/off switch, if it does not it may not be compatible.  If in doubt make sure you check the bike before buying this product

  • Plug and play dash board for the Sondors Ebike
  • Preprogrammed for the Sondors Bike...and makes it faster
  • Takes off the 20mph speed limit on the Sondors bike
  • Cable lengths are made custom to fit Sondors bike no extension needed 
  • Display watts, speed and other useful information
  • Keep track of mileage
  • Displays outside temperature
  • Allows different assist levels
  • Note: Our controller is required to use this display


NOTE: This unit is not compatible with newer Sondors bikes UNLESS you upgrade to our controller as well which we highly recommend. Our controller will give you much better performance. 

This has been custom programmed for the Sondors bike. We custom changed the settings so it clones the original Sondors dashboard without the speed limit so you can go 30mph if you want to (for off road use only)

  • speed limit unlocked
  • set to register proper speed with proper tire size pre programmed
  • In MPH format instead of KMH
  • Temperature set for Fahrenheit instead of Celsius

Every Sondors bike has an extra plug on the controller to connect this device to.  This is the easiest and best upgrade for the Sondors anywhere. 

The device is able to override the Sondors 20mph speed limit. With this simple upgrade you can program your controller to eliminate this limitation.

Here is a video how to do this from Kinaye Motorsports which shows how to install display and how to program it to get rid of speed limit:

See this link for a PDF manual

Some documentation from the sondors community

Our own Sondors forum

Sondors THIN compatibility

Yes it works with the Thin version as well, but also requires you use the sondors controller we sell. Preferably this one since it is easier to install.



How does this affect speed?

Eliminating the speed limit is not the same thing as increasing the speed. Higher voltage equals higher speed while higher amps equals more torque. The controller/display upgrade gives you more torque because it pulls more amps but it does not mean that your battery is somehow now able to provide more voltage. However it does give you the capability to wire in a higher voltage battery, whereas the original controller would have simply burnt out if you wired up a higher voltage battery.

You can test that the actual speed limit has been disabled by going downhill on a steep hill where you can go faster than normal, you should be able to feel the motor providing assistance even when it goes faster than the original speed limit. Originally it would cut out when going faster than around 20.

Support note: please do not overtighten the bolts on the plastic mounting bracket, we do not have replacements if you break the bracket.





 Can I use this with any other brand?

 No, this is for use with the Sondors eBikes, some models require using a different controller. See description tab on product listing page for more details.

Readout is not displaying all details, why?

You probably did not install our controller, which is needed for this display to work



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  1. Worth every penny!

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 30th 2017

    It allows you to change so many parameters and lets you go faster than 20 mph if you want to.

  2. Luna Hot rod package.

    Posted by Old Bike Rider on Nov 23rd 2017

    I purchased this hot rod for an older fat bike. Guess what it don't feel old now good improvement. Now this is only the beginning what can I do to my other bikes? Very good positive change to a bike. Too cold for any long distance riding but 10 miles test Excellent.
    I recommend this for any fat bike. Thanks Luna.

  3. Works Perfectly!

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 27th 2017

    This is a must have upgrade for the Sondors. The advantage that the Luna’s LCD has over the others is that it comes pre programmed and is truly plug and play! No need to calibrate or program the LCD hence eliminates the guesswork. Thank youll

  4. LCD dashboard and controller

    Posted by Patti on Oct 12th 2017

    Plug and play except of the battery connector. I spliced the connector from the old controller, took just a minute and was good to go.

  5. Very noticeable improvement.

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 9th 2017

    It was an easy and inexpensive upgrade that provided very significant improvement in performance and convenience. Highly recommend.

  6. LCD+Controller bundle, Great!

    Posted by Lance on Sep 29th 2017

    Fast delivery, easy to install, great performance, and great cost. Luna Cycles is a gem for anyone who dares venture into ebiking-- and I say this as a young, in shape avid cyclist (not that there is anything wrong about liking ebiking for age or health reasons) who discovered that commuting with a jail broke controller /LCD and big battery is amazing!!!! My only regret is not putting all of my initial + upgrade $$ into one of their bikes because they are dope! I know where my next bike will come from. Thanks guys and please, keep doing what you're doing!

  7. Much needed options!

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 4th 2017

    Love everything about these options! The 5 PAS gears, cruise control, and better climbing ability on grades makes the combo purchase a no-brainer.

  8. 2015 Sondors Match

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 24th 2017

    This product is great and the price is great compared to the Sondors brand LCD. Note... it works well with 2015 Sondors it does not work with newer models like the 2017.

  9. Such a worthy purchase with the new controller :-D

    Posted by Patryk K Braganza-Gallagher on Aug 4th 2017

    Just installed these onto my Sondors today, and the difference is so worth it :-D The pickup on these is great :-D and overall I dunno what I did before this :-D

  10. A great, inexpensive upgrade!

    Posted by B Nielsen on May 24th 2017

    After 2 weeks with my new Sondors, I wanted to try this simple performance upgrade. it did just what I hoped it would! Hills became much less of an obstacle. Haven't played much with all LCD functions, but all seems well. Thanks for the great combo sale price and very prompt delivery Luna!

  11. pretty much as advertised

    Posted by gophillies on May 13th 2017

    This Luna LCD together with the 20A controller (MUST buy both units; the 20A controller will not work with the original Sondors LCD) is pretty much plug-and-play, as advertised. And while it is not a night and day difference, you will definitely notice an increase in torque, even at pedal assist level 1. The only downside is that it seems to draw down the battery charge a bit faster -- only an issue if you are planning some really extended travel.

  12. Real quality product.

    Posted by SimpsonBandit on May 9th 2017

    I had an aftermarket(Chinese LCD screen) previously fitted to my sondors here in the UK, it was ok for the money however, I decided to upgrade my controller to a 30amp Lunacycle one. The aftermarket controller was not compatible so I purchased the pre programmed LCD screen from lunacycle. It arrived very quickly as always and looked a far better quality unit. I fitted it and not only was its operation faultless it has made the bike so much better. The next mod will be to fit a cyclone 3000w mid drive when they are back in stock and fit a lunacycle 52v battery pack. Top top work all you guys and girls at lunacycle, keep the faith I can't wait for the next phase of my bikes progress. Please, hurry up with that new stock peeps!!!

  13. Super tight

    Posted by Julz on Apr 21st 2017

    Got the upgraded hot rod controller and LCD for my sondors fat custom and immediately felt a difference! New top speed is 24mph and gets there faster than the stock controller! Definitely recommend for anyone who wants to unlock the stock potential and set up for future upgrades!

  14. Retraction of previous comment

    Posted by Ron Gradowski on Feb 26th 2017

    I have figured out how the PAS settings on my 20 amp controller work and now can say that there most certainly is a difference in the 5 levels of assist. You may take down my previous comment or use this correction.

  15. You don't have the necessary permissions to view this page.

    Posted by Ronald Gradowski on Feb 25th 2017

    That headline came up when I tried to review my purchase of a controller that was part of a purchase with an LCD panel. I did not appreciate being sent a 20 amp controller that had obviously been previously installed on some other bike. Although functional the unit had scratches and bent mounting tabs. I also find it odd that there were NO installation instructions even though I did successfully mount and wire the unit. There seems to be no difference between the 5 levels of pedal assist.

  16. Quality Product

    Posted by Dickie on Feb 20th 2017

    Works well, seems like a good quality item and has been set up by Luna. It is plug and play and all the cables are the correct length.
    Five levels of PAS is great but having a speed readout does encourage me to try and get faster all the time.
    It arrived quickly into the UK but the Royal Mail did change for handling, £12:86 so buyer beware. Good job it was a reasonable cost in the first place. Now I need to save up for a new battery.

  17. LCD and Hot Rod controller

    Posted by TIM DAVIES on Feb 18th 2017

    Ordered these two items and they arrived quickly to the United Kingdom. The parts are well built and fit well, one of the screw tabs for attaching the controller was a tiny bit out of alignment but that was easily solved.
    The bike now goes almost 28 mph which is great. It might go faster once I have adjusted the wheel bearings and brakes.
    The only fly in the ointment is although there was no import duty or custom charges, Royal Mail did change a handling fee of nearly £12. Still good value parts though.
    Quality parts and quality service from Luna.

  18. good product if it worked

    Posted by bruno on Jan 27th 2017

    connected to sondors, with original controller sondors bike, I dont' report the battery capacity, speed etc. why?

  19. Luna LCD and 20A controller combo

    Posted by michael duncan on Jan 16th 2017

    Easy install. Took about 20-30 min to install and set up, you need a long allen key to change controllers. Bike has a bit more off the like torque and higher top end speed. LCD is easy to read and user friendly. Only gave 4 stars because it beeds a few months on it to check reliability. Very nice product. I would recommend this.

  20. Awesome

    Posted by Bill Conway on Nov 30th 2016

    Love It

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