Magic Pie Golden Motor Dashboard


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  • Get the Magic Pie LCD Dashboard, a clean quality display
  • Plug and play, works with our Magic Pie and Smart Pie v5 kits, also works with Magic Pie V4 kits
  • Display functions: speed, riding time, mileage, PAS levers & modes, battery capacity and more (note: display may not work on versions prior to V4)
  • 3 function control button - up, down and mode




See here for the manual

Smart LCD Display (BAC-601) - Golden Motor




1. Will this work with my older Magic Pie kit?




1.  This is for v.4 and v.5 kits, compatibility with versions prior to v.4 is not guaranteed and has not been fully tested.

1 Review

Hadel S May 3rd 2017

I thought it did more but still like it.

this dashboard looks good but when using it on the magic pie 5 it will not give me the watts used once it is over 999watts. the display will only go to 999watts so for a 1500watt motor it doesn't really help. Also once I turn the battery off it doesn't save the odometer reading so if you go out and you want to know how far you have gone, don't turn the power off. When I go into a store to get a few things I take the key out of the battery so no one takes off with my $1,500 bike and there goes the odometer reading. I do not have a PAS sensor so I have not tested the PAS and can not speak on that. just know you need a PAS sensor for it to work. I assumed that since it was a hub motor that it would use the rear gear rotation on the hub to know if I am pedaling or not and activate the PAS but that isn't the case. You need a PAS sensor for this to work. What I liked on the watt reading is when I had it in cruise control (love this feature) @10 mph with no pedaling on gravel it would drop the wattage down to 200-300. that was nice to know and im not a lite guy - 230 lb. The speedo on it is accurate as well. Very easy to install. the best price I have seen for this unit is on luna cycle. if you want one buy it here its a good web site. I bought the magic pie 5 here too and no issues.

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