Cycle Analyst V3 DP


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  • Hands down the most powerful and best ebike dashboard ever built.
  • Offers an accurate battery gauge by measuring amp hours used very precisely
  • Keep an eye on your battery's voltage
  • Able to control low voltage cut-off as an extra layer of protection of your battery pack.
  • Gives you a complete display of watts, speed, mileage a very versatile dashboard
  • Add temperature control to your DIY ebike
  • Throttle adjustments, pedal assist, power tweaking, etc.
  • Lots of settings and power to geek into.


NOTE: This is the direct plug kit (DP), meaning it has a plug that connects directly to some controllers. If you controller does not have a cycle analyst input plug then you will have to add on the DP shunt for an extra 10 dollars, and then connect the shunt to both battery leads then the cycle analyst will plug right in.

Here is an illustrative picture of the extra shunt option and how it plugs into DP. If your controller already has the cycle analyst plug you will not need this shunt.



  See this page for our installation documentation, how to wire up the shunt

This is the version without a speed sensor which you may not need. IF you are using a direct drive hub motor, this Cycle Analyst can detect speed using the motor.   You will need the DPS version of the cycle analyst if you are using a geared hub motor or a mid drive bike. 

The most popular DIY device ever almost mandatory for the serious ebike builder.  Very powerful and feature filled.

We assume you already know what a cycle analyst is if you are an ebike enthusiast if you are just getting started you can read up on it. 

The most information on the power of this device and its featurs are on the inventors website in canada: (read the info here)

You can read the review by clicking here


The Cycle Analyst  is the first digital dashboard and battery monitor originally designed around the specific needs of electric bicycles. However, the flexible setup configurations, wide feature range, and affordable price have also led it to widespread appeal in a range of other EV applications. From the dashboards of MIT’s solar car, to record-breaking electric motorbikes, to small electric trains, powered wheelchairs, and even sailboats and airplanes, the Cycle Analyst has become the e-meter of choice for keeping track of the vehicle’s battery usage and performance characteristics.

Justin of saw a need in the market for serious battery protection and management, for both home-builders and commercial ebike builders, and he devised an effective solution. It is a fully functional piece of technology. It does not have fancy readouts, or a fancy case, it does not have any advertising decals, but it does its  intended job almost flawlessly. Its screen, although not fancy, is perfectly viewable even in direct sunlight, and also when riding at night (it is back-lit).