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52v Mighty Mini Cube Samsung Ebike Battery Pack 30q 6ah (3 pounds!)

$340.00 $299.95
(You save $40.05)
$30.00 (Fixed shipping cost)
Maximum Purchase:
5 unit(s)

Product Description

NEW! Our smallest sized pack made from high density high performance cells (Samsung 30q)

NEW! Uses an extra layer of high grade thick rubber shrink wrap for more protection and durability.

This ebike battery is compatible with all of our ebike kits

  • 52v means higher voltage for even more power with the  same 48v controller and motor (read article on benefits of 52v)
  • 6ah ah in an ultra mini package
  • Our smallest  and lightest battery pack (3 pounds!)
  • 300 -watt hours means incredible range in small package  (read article on watt hours)
  • Top quality battery made of top quality components
  • 14s2p = 28 Genuine  name brand grade Samsung 18650 cells (see breakdown on 18650 cells)
  • 30 amp continuous 50amp maximum BMS
  • Built in temperature sensor temporarily shuts down your pack if you push it too hard.
  • Beefy XT-90's lead wire connectors with spark resistor! (included is male for  controller)
  • Weight of Battery: Only 3.3 pounds
  • Life Span: 400-1000 charges
  • Dimensions 6 X 2.75 x 3.25  (Note: previous dimensions  3.75w x 3.43h x 4.5d")


We are proud to announce the Mini Cube battery pack which ultra small and designed to fit on any bicycle frame. 

At only 3.3 pounds this pack can also be carried easily in any small backpack or purse as a convenient emergency pack.

Big is not always better but is almost always more expensive. Because this pack is so small it is reasonably priced.

Also this pack is enough range and more power for most riders as it will put out 30amps which is enough for our strongest kits (the BBSHD mid drive) and its 300 watt hours is enough for most riders (10-30 miles)  See our story on calculating range for more info

If you find that one pack is not enough you can always buy a 2nd Cube battery. You can even get a parallel adapter which makes it easy to connect two batteries together (they should be charged separately).

We have used a strong rubber shrink wrap on this pack so if you need to you can even use black gorilla tape our extra ultra sticky solution to mount this to your downtube without damaging the shrink wrap. 

For an independent review on the Mighty Mini packs (click here).

Samsung 30q

This pack is made up of some of the most exciting (and expensive) battery cells on the market the Samsung 30q which offers both high energy capacity and high amperage performance.

The reason why quality cells are especially important in a small pack like this is that each cell needs to put out high power to sustain big power in such a small pack.  That is why we use only the latest and greatest 18650 cells in this small pack.

Our cells are guaranteed to be authentic.

Read more about 18650 cell choice here: (breakdown on 18650 cells)

52 Volts

This is a 52vbattery designed to squeeze more power out of your stock 48 volt system without having to change your controller or motor. To get more information read our article on 52 volt batteries.

Not only does the 52vbattery give you more power it also gives you more watt hours which means more range than a comparable amp hour 48 volt battery.  (read our story on calculating range)

52 volts is completely safe to run on any of our 48v kits including all our Bafang kits. In fact not only will you get more power but your system will run cooler at lower wattages making it more reliable.

Read another reviewers take on 48v vs 52v batteries here. 


This pack uses Samsung 30q cells which are very energy dense at 3000mah. When you put 28 of them together you get 6ah and 300 watt hours in a very small size. (read our story on ebike math)

This pack weighs an amazing 3.3 pounds.

Because of its ultra small size it can be mounted in almost any triangle (even full suspension mountain bike) using zip ties or duct tape. It is so small you can probably cram it into a small saddle bag or even your pocket.

Quality Components

Every ingredient in this pack is top shelf from the cells, to the BMS, to the cell holders holding it together, to the nickel plates, to the XT-60 and XT-90 spark resistor connectors. All this comes together to be amazing pack for the price. We are very proud of our packs and the amazing price we are offering them for.

Smart Battery

Luna Cycles builds its packs with the finest BMS (battery management system) available so that you can plug in your battery and not worry about over charging, over heating or running its voltage down too low. Your cells are automatically balanced by the internal BMS in the battery. Our BMS includes such features as temperature over heat  protection and advanced cell balancing. These features not only get the maximum performance out of your BMS they also keep your battery from getting to low, charging too high, or getting too hot and will automatically shut off your pack if it senses something is wrong. (read our article on BMS)

Ultimate Long Range in a very small size

We filled these packs with  the latest battery chemistry to get the highest possible power density. This means despite these packs small size and light weight, they will give you the maximum amount  of range compared to other battery packs of similar size. many commercial ebike, who skimp and use Chinese cells which are known for being low power density and short battery life. More watt hours means more range. (read our story on ebike math)


All 48v Luna Kits and Controllers are compatible with all our 52 volt batteries.

Regarding Amps: These packs will easily put out 30amps (1500 watts) and even more for short bursts.  This battery is ideal for 30 amp kits such as the Bafang BBSHD. 

More than likely your controller is less than 30 amps and then you don't have to worry since your controller will only take from the battery what it needs. You cannot fry a controller by selecting a battery with too many amps. Voltage however, you need to be careful with. 

Regarding voltage: This is a 14s (52 volt) battery. This means that with the same controller you will get more power from the same amps. It's fun but you need to make sure your controller can handle up to 58 volts which is what a 52-volt battery puts out when fully charged, otherwise you can fry your controller. 

Most DIY controllers have a range of volts they will accept and most descent 48-volt controllers can handle 52 volts. This is something you must verify about your controller before ordering this battery.  And more than likely the only way to really know is to test with a 52 volt battery.


This is a rectangular soft shell pack and we recommend that you pad it well in your installation to ensure the cells are not damaged.  You do not want your pack bouncing around or banging against anything because it can ruin your pack and also be safety risk.

Make sure if it is mounted to your frame it is firmly mounted so it does not shake or jiggle, and proper padding is used when needed.

You can easily fit 3 of these in  one of our triangle bags but it must be padded to make sure it does not get banged against your frame. 

This also makes a very good back pack battery. It is the ultimate in energy dense small battery pack.

We love to securely duct tape or zip tie this battery to our downtubeson our full suspension bikes and this is a very effective (although not pretty solution).  We can do this because of the incredible small size and light weight of this particular battery. 

(read our article on mounting an ebike battery for more information).

Important note regarding charger:

Does not include a charger but you can add a charger for  wholesale price. We recommend you only use a charger purchased from us to insure compatibility (as long as you select one of our 52vchargers).  We really recommend the Luna Charger to take care of a quality pack like this which offer slow or fast charge modes, and charge to 80, 90 or 100 percent.

Installation and basic info 

Installation And Basic Info: The Luna Softpack FAQ





1. My battery pack stopped charging, what should I do?

2. My battery is reading (any #) volts, how much life is left before I need to recharge?

3. How long should I leave the pack plugged in?

4. How do i know when it is fully charged? Are there things I can do to best care for the battery and prolong its life?



1. Often if this happens it is due to the anti-spark feature built into the BMS. Say you did not properly make a connection somewhere and the wires sparked, the BMS would shut itself down to prevent damage to the system. If this happens the first thing you always want to do is to try resetting the BMS by using your charger to try charging through the discharge connector for a few seconds, maybe a minute. You just run a jumper (basically regular wires) from the charger's connector to the battery's discharge contact, making sure you go positive>positive and negative>negative. At Luna we call this jump starting it, instructions can be found here:  /jumping-your-lu...-battery-pack

2. This is a 52v nominal pack. As seen in the chart below this pack is full at ~58V and empty at ~45V. For long battery life try to keep voltage between 56.7-46.3v most of the time (A charge percentage of between 90%-10%)

Well you should leave it plugged in until it is charged or maybe a little bit before it is fully charged, optimally you want it to be within a range of voltage/charge percentage equaling something like 80 to 90%, perhaps a bit lower if storing for a long time such as over the winter. This will optimize it for the longest amount of cycle life. You can still charge to 100% right before a ride though as this does not negatively affect the cells much, it is more about not leaving the cell at 100% for a long period of time than about never letting it reach that charge level. 

If your battery has a voltage display on it then you can tell that is fully charged based on the  voltage readout, we have charts on every listing for each type of battery pack showing what voltage equals what the charge percentage. You can also test the voltage with a multi-meter directly from the discharge connector. You can best care for the battery by not running it all the way down to zero, for the best use of it you really want to keep it above 20%.

Product Reviews

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  1. Big power - Tiny package

    Posted by Gilberto Restrepo on Sep 22nd 2017

    So small you can hide it anywhere and still get crazy power and speed !!!

  2. Awesome stealth solution!

    Posted by Chris on Jun 7th 2017

    I bought this baby sized battery to use with a BBS02 for a stealth cruiser build/kiddie hauler. The battery fits perfectly into a tool bag on the bars and the performance is top notch for such a pint sized product. I much prefer this to my 52V/20Ah triangle pack for all of my non-distance riding needs.

    In fact, I liked it so much that I just bought another one!

  3. Mini battery

    Posted by Doug Smart on May 30th 2017

    I have been looking for a solution to my battery location for my bike (Cannondale Scalpel). I have been unable to mount a normal 52V battery to the frame and have had to use a seat post rack. It vibrates on the downhill part of my ride and makes me nervous. I have broken 1 rack and don.t want it to happen again. I bought a mini 52V battery with a seat bag and it has solved the problem! It doesn't last as long but it does the job and is a joy to ride downhill with. Also, my bike is much lighter. I may buy another one to carry with me on long rides to increase my ride time. I'm glad it is available! Luna Cycle rocks!

  4. Awesome little battery, great for short trips around town

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 12th 2017

    I have been using this battery with the BBS02 for about 2 weeks. I have it sitting on the bb, laying parallel to the downtube wrapped in black guerrilla tape. People can hardly tell I have an ebike because the kit is so stealthy.
    At full charge, the battery meter reads 58V. Easy to get 1300 watts out of the motor. It has enough juice to get me about 8 miles in hilly Seattle, relying heavily on throttle/PAS (500 + watts) .

  5. Great battery

    Posted by dave m on Jan 6th 2017

    Luna once again setting the standard in the Ebike industry!! I am new to all this, and before I found Luna everyone I talked to about such a small compact battery said it did not exist or was going to be like 800 buck. I am so pleased with the performance and the ability to stash the battery under my seat. Great battery !!!

  6. sixpack of power

    Posted by jim oxford on Jan 2nd 2017

    I have two of these. one on a luna 1000w front hub motor to augment my 1000w bbshd with a 20ah triangle battery on steeper slopes. the other battery is spare power for fat bike with a 10ah ga battery for extra range insurance. nice size good to have volt meter too expensive. would think the price would go down with as many cells as these guys buy.

  7. Can keep up with a BBSHD

    Posted by docbb on Nov 18th 2016

    I've been running this battery with a BBSHD on a fat bike for 3 months and I'm very impressed. The 30Q is the only Mighty Mini you should consider for the BBSHD - the others don't put out enough amps. This pack will run the BBSHD at full throttle (30+ amps) for short bursts and has surprising range at lower power levels. Fits perfectly in a Large BV Bicycle Strap-On Saddle Bag - $12 from Amazon.

  8. Awesome compact power pack

    Posted by TL on Jun 3rd 2016

    I was able to fit this awesome pack in the water bottle cage on my Trek full suspension bike (there's no space for any bigger pack). I put the pack snugly in a saddle bag for protection and cosmetic and then bent to enlarge the steel water bottle cage a little bit to fit the bag in.

  9. Just right for my 15mi commute

    Posted by mark buchanan on May 30th 2016

    I love this lightweight cube, it has just enough power to take me all the way on my 15 mile commute. My route is pretty flat (289' combined elevation gain) and if I keep the throttle dispensing 300 watts +/- I have a quick commute and a battery charge from door to door. The 30q battery seems to stay strong till the end and not drop off as fast as my 25r. For long rides or going fast without pedaling I use my 20Ah 25r. The cube let's me have great electric assist (yes, I am having to pedal) but the bike is 10 lbs lighter than with my big battery. This allows me to return to more of a 'bicycle' feel and an enjoyable ride.

  10. Great little pack!

    Posted by Jjp on May 12th 2016

    I carry it in my backpack or in my large seatbag. Great as a emergency backup on those long trips or as the main battery for those short trips to the market.