Shark Skins

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  • Ultimate from the Luna Labs is a high quality, durable, 3M Vinyl decal for your latest addition to your eBike, the Shark Pack!
  • UV protective coating on premium (and most importantly, authentic) 3M vinyl has an everlasting shiny gloss that won't fade in the sun.
  • Lovingly handmade in the USA - just one less thing you have to buy from China.
  • No more awkward feelings as strangers gawk at your clunky battery pack, add some flare and customization to your ride with one of our designs. 

With over 5 different designs as well as an arsenal of color options, customizing your eBike battery pack has never been so easy.  With a strong, but easily removable, adhesive, swapping vinyl skins is as simple as peeling a sticker. Except, don't call it a sticker - it's a high quality vinyl wrap. Installing these skins you will need to heat the vinyl up to about 105 degrees or so to get the glue to really stick. Do not heat them more than that or you can damage the cells. We recommend leaving your pack in the oven overnight with the OVEN OFF and just the interior oven light on. This will heat up the inside of the oven to about 105 degrees and will NOT damage your battery.