Battery Cradle / Mount for Jumbo Packs

Battery Cradle / Mount for Jumbo Packs


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  • Replacement battery mount for our Jumbo Sharks
  • Compatible with both 52v and 48v versions.
  • Perfect for mounting on a spare bike.
  • Perfect to try an experimental mounting system.
  • Bare wires that can be soldered directly to your motor, so no more bad connections.


If you find yourself wanting to use your Jumbo Shark pack with your multiple ebike set ups, this spare mounting bracket/cradle is the answer.

Been wanting to try to creative mount a Jumbo Shark pack to your frame but don't want to risk your one and only mount then this can be your extra mount for fooling around with.

This mounting bracket is for the Jumbo Shark pack only. If you have a Shark, Carbon Shark, Water bottle or Killer whale pack then you will need a different bracket.






1. How do I mount this on my bike?




1. This is designed to mount where a  standard 2 hole water bottle cage would attach.

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