Battery Cradle / Mount for Shark Packs


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  • Replacement battery mount for our shark packs
  • Compatible with both 52v and 48v versions.
  • Perfect for mounting on a spare bike.
  • Perfect to try an experimental mounting system
  • Bare wires that can be soldered directly to your motor


If you find yourself wanting to use your shark pack with your multiple ebike set ups, this spare mounting bracket/cradle is the answer.

Been wanting to try to creatively mount a shark to your frame but don't want to risk your one and only mount....this can be your extra mount for fooling around with.






1. How do I mount this on my bike?



1. This is designed to mount where a  standard 2 hole water bottle cage would attach.

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3 Reviews

Nick Borgstrom52 Sep 29th 2016

You want one

Be sure to use all the included mounting hardware pretty durable if mounted properly. Set one up on a second bike and you can easily Power It Up with the same battery.

George Sears May 30th 2016

Handy for Multiple bikes

I bought this because the Shark pack works well enough in a backpack or on a rear rack, depending on the bike. So I keep the original cradle on a hybrid, which is very easy, and I can still use the battery on two other bikes. The cradle is a cradle, and it gives you a set of leads to connect to another bike motor. The add mentions something about losing keys, but the keys are not part of the cradle, as far as I can see. A second cradle is easier that removing the screws if the original is attached to water bottle mounts.

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