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This is a rear ebike light that is designed to be wired along with any electric bike battery from 11-70 volts. If you have a 12 volt, 24 volt, 36 volt, or 48 volt battery, you safely power this light with it by simply tapping into its positive and negative.

The light glows red, bright enough to be seen from a far distance and only takes 1 watt per hour from your ebike's main battery pack.
Never worry about your battery dying on your rear light again. No one likes getting rear ended.  Speaking of which, since light is hard wired to your pack it's less likely that thieves will bother stealing it.
Has on/off switch shielded from the elements with a rubber boot.
It connects to any seat tube or other similar sized bar with zip ties (included). The only tricky part is wiring this to your battery pack which is no sweat if you are handy with a solder gun or wire crimpers. You can easily hook it up to the charging pigtail on most battery packs and run it off that.
This light is light weight but durable, weatherproof, and its LED lights are rated to last thousands of hours.
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Andrew Young Sep 30th 2017

Bright and easy to install

Very bright. No flash function but I have a battery powered led for that anyway. For install I soldered into main power between motor and bat and used an xt60 for connector between tap and light. I ground the light housing down so it would sit at correct angle on the seat stem and taped it off and painted housing flat black. Electronics look well potted and should be waterproof. End result has great function, is bright and installed with a clean look.

Jim - Bothell, WA Sep 20th 2017

A must have for commuters

Very bright. I've mine wired to the Anderson connectors on the battery bracket. There's a waterproof switch to turn it off or on, but I just leave it on - when I fire up the battery, the lights come on. It would be nice if there were a brake light connection where it would operate normally in a dimmer mode, and then full brightness when either brake lever is pulled.

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