Cyclone Double Sprocket Kit for Trikes, Recumbents and Pedicabs


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  • Made for mounting on booms of recumbents and other long bikes.
  • Made for mounting on 45mm square tube but can fit on other tubes
  • Known to fit on KMX trikes or Terry Trikes
  • 14T freewheel with another 14T sprocket with idle bearing

 This is a way for trikes and other recumbent users to conveniently mount a cyclone 3000 watt drive.

 Instead of a freewheel and two chains  on the front sprocket, you can run a single chain back to the cyclone, and still have the freewheel set up.

 Check out this link as a sample of how this kit can be used:


Note: Bolts in picture not included.


Can the kit expand to fit around a 2 inch square tube?

You may need to fabricate up some new brackets for it to fit 2 inches. The current brackets are 1.35 inch