Cyclone Thumb Throttle with On/Off Switch and Voltage Display


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  • Convenient voltage display for up to 72v battery
  • Key switch
  • thumb throttle (the ultimate in safety)
  • Universal..can be used on left or right
  • Can be wired to work with any set up

For the enthusiast a volt meter is all you need for a battery gauge.  We love this throttle because it has a built in easy to read battery gauge. 

For safety it is a thumb throttle, which makes an electric vehicle much safer from the effect of "whiskey" throttle, which is twisting the throttle accidently of a parked bike.


Also it has an on off switch which is also a great safety feature to have.


All this comes with the the wiring to work on a stock cyclone mid drive  controllera but can be wired to work with any hub motor and many hub drives.