Double Gear / Double Torque Motor

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Note: This product has been archived and is unlikely to be restocked. For some of our in stock motors check out our mid drive kit section

  • The most advanced hub motor technology available (read more)
  • 2 different gears, a high and a low,  which you shift with a gear switch. 
  • Small diameter (5 inches) fits behind disk brake for stealth
  • 2 forms of gear reduction/ one for climbing one for high speed
  • Super high torque (50 newton meters)  
  • Luna Cycle Full Color Advanced Display
  • Temperature sensing protection system for reliability at high power
  • Quick connect higo waterproof connectors for ease of installation and easy repair.
  • Tiny 20 amp sine wave controller custom made for Luna Cycle and this motor. 
  • Compatible with 48 and 52 volt battery
  • Width: rear axle for 145mm dropouts, front axle for 110mm dropouts (must be willing to spread your dropouts, requires a steel frame)
  • 6.5 pounds (very light weight for hub motor)
  • Professionally laced in USA (Adds a week or 2 lead time)

Luna Cycle is very proud to announce a kit based around the most advanced hub motor available anywhere.

The key to this motor is it uses two forms of gear reduction, so the rider effectively has a low gear with double the gear reduction  for climbing and for high torque, and speed mode  for high speed.   (read more about this amazing motor here)

This translates to an extremely efficient motor that is capably of climbing hills reliably and at a good top speed of 25 mph with a 52 volt battery

We had this motor custom made to handle high power (1000w) at 52 volts.  This is unheard of in a motor this small.

To protect the motor, we had a temperature sensor installed. You can see the temperature displayed on the full color display….and if the motor gets too hot the controller will shut down power before damage is  done.  This is the key to running so much power through such a small motor.

With a custom made Full Color Display modeled after the infamous Mission Motorcycle Dashboard - our custom made display is loaded with advanced features, including a new Self-Diagnostic Feature that runs through your set up to ensure your ebike is working properly.


The 20amp controller is tiny, easy to mount, and is not an eye sore like most ebike controllers.

We have outfitted this kit with higo connectors which is the same connector used on our BBSHD and BBS02 kits….

Because this is a quality motor we are offering it custom built into an Alex rim size of your choice with DT Swiss spokes. This is more expensive, but well worth it to get a quality wheel with this caliber of motor.  We have it available in 29 inch, 26 inch, 20 inch wheels and will be hand build by our expert wheel builder here in California.

You can choose to order the motor alone and build it into a wheel of your choosing.

This motor is available in both front and rear model.  The front motor has axle for 110mm dropouts (a bit wider than standard, measure first) and the rear has axle for 145mm dropouts, with a cassette.  Both front and back have disc brake mounts.




Support Notes:

The kit may require you spread out your drop outs to get to fit, especially with disc brake installed. Not for use with suspension forks.

We recommend using a torque arm with this kit. You can buy one here.

This motor requires you to downshift when going uphill, it is not automatic. If this is not done you may break the clutch.

(Looking for documentation? See our knowledge base)

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