Dual LED Front Light
Dual LED Front Light
Dual LED Front Light
Dual LED Front Light
Dual LED Front Light

Dual LED Front Light


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  • Amazing price because includes no good moutning system for handebars
  • Multi Setting Powerful Dual Front LED
  • Please note this light comes with bare wires, no connector


Operating voltages from 48-52v nominal (up to 59 V maximum voltage)

No button, both leds are on all the time, max intensity all the time. Really bright and powerful. 

2" tall, 4" wide, 3" deep

This is a very good light but the mounting bracket leaves a lot to be desired..so this is for only builders who are crafty enough to craft their own battery mount solution...

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Tom Jan 15th 2018

Caution what you use if on

Somewhat unfair to give it only one star since it is well made, appears to be quite bright, and not too difficult to mount if you have a front rack. My plan was to replace my stock light from my Radwagon with this, since the Rad controller has the ability to switch the light on and off. After mounting and wiring I tried to turn it on but it would only flash once for a second and turn off. I measured the voltage at 53V. Thinking the light might be defective I took it back into the house and tried to power it with the next largest source of DC power, my laptop charger at 19.5V. The light worked fine and was bright even at the lower voltage. My assumption is that the light is drawing too much current and the controller is shutting it down. Bummer, it really looks great.

Alex Jan 8th 2018

Good build quality, powerful cold white, focused pattern light

The product is very sturdy and contains a voltage regulator
However because the leds are pushed to the max, some energy is dissipated as heat.
It is possible to tweak the regulator by modifying the resistors.
Unfortunately this has to be done by try and error since the regulator serial number is not visible.

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