DVO Onyx DC D1 Upgrade Suspension Fork for Surron

(You save $295.00)

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Just for Luna, DVO has made this compatible with the Surron ... now available with Green or Blue Lowers!
  • 27.5 version is compatible with Sur-Ron
  • 8 inches of travel 
  • Stealth black version 
  • Includes integrated front fender 
  • Get more information on the DVO Site 
Special Note:  We are able to offer a $1200 price  as an "upgrade your fork option" only to those who are purchasing a Sur-Ron from us or have purchased a Sur Ron bike in the last 2 years.  Please put in the order notes "I bought a Sur-Ron from Luna" to get this special price.  

DVO created this Stealth Black package just for us and configured it for the Sur Ron bike.

Including a "boost spacer" the DVO Onyx DC is completely plug and play with your stock Sur-Ron.  Straight steer tube means you won't even have to change your headset!

With the Onyx DC lineup, DVO has once again applied innovation to their product with their new "Advanced Volume Adjust" - aka AVA - to fine tune your air spring adjustment.  Combine six clicks off low speed compression with over 30 clicks for of high speed compression, you are in complete control of your downhill hits.  The Onyx DC also features Shim stack controlled rebound - 100% dynamic rebound based on the speed at which oil flows through the system.  This fork will take what you throw at it and more.  

With their innovative OTT (Off the Top...literally) rebound adjustment and new and improved AVA (Advanced Volume Adjustment) -- those extremely picky riders have found their perfect front fork.  American made, and most importantly - Sur-Ron compatible, this fork is for those who do serious downhill riding and need something that holds up to it.  




High/Low Speed Comp. – Rebound – OTT – AVA Volume Adjust


   Air Pressure Adjust, External OTT Off The Top








   27.5=585 at 203mm travel





20mm Boost- Comes with rotor spacer to convert non-boost wheels 


   203mm Direct


AVA Adjustment Knob
  • D1 Damper
  • Compression Bladder
  • OTT (Off the Top Adjustment)
  • Shim Stack Controlled Damping
  • AVA adjustment for endstroke progression
  • Integrated Fender included


OTT (Off the Top) Adjustment

OTT Adjustment

The OTT feature works by using a 5mm allen key to externally add or remove preload on a coil negative spring.  Once you’re about 30% of the way through the travel, the OTT spring is completely disengaged and you get into the positive air spring which controls your mid-stroke and bottom out.  Set your air pressure for how you want the fork to feel in the mid to end stroke and fine tune your small bump sensitivity with the OTT feature.

Trust us, your hands will thank us. 


Compression Bladder


  • No stiction
  • Large oil Volume
  • Consistent Damping
  • Extremely Durable
  • Unique Ride Characteristics           


AVA - Advanced Volume Adjust


DVO stepping up their game once again with some fun product innovation in the form of a new AVA adjustment.  Use volume spacers to change the depth of the air piston -- effectively reducing or increasing the air volume.  Fine tune and obsess on the overall progression. 


Note: As with any new fork installation requires typical steps in doing installs like setting a star nut. Stay tuned for an installation guide we will have available soon!

This is what the included rotor adapter looks like, it is packaged with the fork. Make sure not to accidentally throw it away, you will need it: