Ebrake Sensors for Cyclone Kit - Version 2


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  • Ebrake sensor for the cyclone drive
  • A complete set for front and back brakes
  • Kills power to the motor when applying brakes
  • Highly recommended safety feature
  • Easily mounts and adapts to most types of brakes
  • Uses magnetic sensor
  • Can by used with hydraulic brakes
  • Retains the use of your original brake handles
  • Version 2 usable with Cyclones produced from mid 2018 onwards

Please double check your current controller for the ebrake connector to make sure it is compatible with this version. 

This is a highly recommended safety feature for the Cyclone drive. If you do not use these, you must use your own ebrake sensor.

The Cyclone drive is a powerful drive, and needs power shut off in case of a throttle failure that could leave you in wide open throttle. 

Ebrake sensors are a must on all powerful drive systems such as the Cyclone.