Luna Cycle Cyclops LED Light Extra Power

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  • Aluminum Case, with cooling fins
  • Large on/off button
  • Voltage converter plugs into any 12-72volt pack
  • 15 watt total in 3 5 watt Cree LEDs


This is a 15 watt light with cooling fins that is even brighter than our 9 watt light. It is an  aluminum casing with a  high-quality CNC mount.  It is weatherproof.

It is as bright as commercial name brand lights costing hundreds of dollars and it does not need its own battery pack which means less wiring and charging hassles. 

This light uses a large red on/off button on the back.

This light has a voltage converter built into it and is designed to wire into any battery pack 12-72 volts.  Carrying and charging an extra battery on an ebike is unnecessary. 

It uses 3 cree 5 watt chips for ultimate efficient white bright light. 


It can also take the place of cheap front lights on stock electric bicycles. If  they have a positive and a negative wire coming into them, you can simply swap your old light with this light and get a tidy, integrated solution.

It has a universal mount that will fit on most handlebars with no modification.

On the mount, the light can be rotated up and down, and left to right, for ideal placement. Good thing since this light can be blinding. The light has a rubber gloved on and off switch on the back.

The entire light is weather proof, and the LED lights promise years of trouble free service.  This light is rated for 1000's of hours of use, and for sure will outlast your ebike battery.

Light can be quickly mounted with a 5mm Allen wrench which is a standard bicycle tool.


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7 Reviews

DREW Oct 9th 2017


I left a review below under Andrew. Want to add that hanging from bars the set screws attachment isn't sturdy enough for off road even with lock tight. Fell off and kept falling off. Easy fix is to drill and tap where the set screws would normally press so the screw goes all the way through. Hard to describe without a picture. Also adding a few loops of black gorilla tape on handle bars under the mount adds grip and adjustability.

Andrew Young Sep 30th 2017

Bright as F%$&@

Very bright. No flash function but I have a battery powered 300lume light for that. Light doesn't really have a cut off so point it downwards enough to not blind people, it's very bright. Install: I tapped into main power between battery and motor (at xt90) and used an xt60 plug between the tap wire and light so it's removable (bought from luna). It looks well waterproofed but I added liquid tape where wire exists and dielectric grease at the xt60. Cons:It gets pretty hot and to mitigate that I hung under handle bars so I won't accidently touch it and it's a bit stealthy. Would recommend. Very cool. Easy install.

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