Fat Ebike Kit 1000 watt Waterproof Connectors

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  • Built into quality 3 inch fat wheel, usable with up to ~5" tire
  • Fitting in most front forks and rear drop outs on fat bikes
  • 25 amp small form factor controller with minimal wires
  • Compatible with 36v, 48v and 52v battery packs
  • Max 1450 watts with 52 volt battery
  • Temperature sensor turns off motor if it gets too hot
  • High quality waterproof  quick release connectors
  • Simple kit to install
  • Disc brake compatible
  • Reliable direct drive motor, powerful and torquey 
  • Quality LCD dashboard displays battery life speed mileage etc
  • On/off switch built into dashboard
  • Comes with thumb throttle and twist throttle

This kit can transform a fat bike into an electric monster ebike.  Fat bikes look awesome but suck to pedal because of all the extra friction the 4-inch tires cause. Adding an electric motor solves this dilemma. 

With a 52v battery you can reach speeds of 28mph and climb almost any hill. 

The waterproof connectors make this kit possible to ride on the wet sand on the beach and not even worry if your bike get wet. You just hose off the salt water after riding.
We have ridden hundreds of miles on the sand for years without any motor failing. (read electric fat bike creations)

The motor has temp probes and the controller will shut down if the motor gets too hot...saving your motor from overheating and being ruined. Cheaper ebike kits don't have this feature. 

Installing this hub motor kit is a one hour project. The motor is quality tube controller without the wiring rats nest that most Chinese controllers have. It puts out 25amps on a nice slim package that can be easily zip tied to any frame (see photos).   Literally the hardest part of installing this kit is taking off your old tire and installing on the new rim.  For extra easy installation you can add with a fat tire and innertube already installed. Also think about getting one of our Luna Cycle triangle bags for making battery installation a snap. (read article about where to mount battery)

This kit uses quality waterproof connectors that make really solid and easy connections. No soldering required with this kit and installation is a snap. The small sexy controller is not an eyesore and can be mounted easily on the bike . This is not a cheesy ugly ebike controller (see our artice on the ebike wiring rats nest.)   If anything ever breaks you can easily unplug it and replace it without messy soldering or wire splicing.




Kit Includes
Direct drive hubmotor for high reliability (see our comparison of motor types here)
Motor comes pre built into 26" fatbike rim front or rear. Rims are 3" wide and suitable for tires up to 5.25"
25 amp controller
Built in temp sensor in motor with auto-shutoff to prevent overheating
Waterproof quick release connectors..top grade
Quality LCD Dashboard
Multiple throttles
Ebike Brakes 


Kit Options
All batteries we offer from 36-52v are compatible with this kit. See battery section for our full selection
Optional Torque arm (recommended). Use this listing if you want more than one
Solder sleeves for making connection from battery to controller. See battery documentation below for instructions
DHL80 fatbike rim build available depending on rim availability. Unlike the machine built generic rims these wheels are custom laced by hand in the USA
Standard chargers for durable simplicity at a great cost, Advanced chargers for high versatility, Mini chargers for good features in a small form factor




Regarding battery Options

This kit comes with everything you need to convert your bicycle minus battery and charger which you can add now or later. 

Any of our 36, 48 or 52-volt batteries will work with this kit. 

52 volts will get you more power and higher top speed at about 28mph.

A 48-volt battery will get you a little less power and top speed of 24mph but will be more reliable.

Once you have picked the voltage then you just need to pick the size. The higher the AH the farther the battery will take you. A 10ah battery will give you 25 miles on average and a 20ah battery will got you 50 miles. More ah means bigger in size, more weight and harder to mount. 

We have a few battery options you can select with the kit...but we suggest you look through our entire battery selection to get a battery that suits you best. 


Frame Compatibility

Both "front" and "rear" have threads for a freewheel and can be used on rear. The only difference is the axle width.

Front motor: Axle is a 135mm wide axle which will fit on most bike forks. We highly recommend you use torque arms if installing on front fork. This same motor could also be switched over to a standard bike later if you wish since 135mm is standard for rear on a normal bicycle.

The 135mm size (front) will fit on the rear of fatbikes that are 150mm or narrower. Otherwise you will need kit option with a wide 170mm axle for rear installation, this is the one marked rear. (front or rear option may be hidden if out of stock). Total axle length 202mm, 14mm diameter, 10mm at the flat spots.

Please note that having threads on a front does not mean you got a rear, both front and rear have threads for freewheel.



Installation and Important Documentation

  • Front hubmotors, we recommend using a torque arm (or two). See this link for what a torque arm is.
  • It is not advisable to use a front hub with suspension forks, we recommend using a rear hub if you have a suspension fork. It will not break suspension fork to use front hub but it will wear out the seals faster.
  • After hubmotor installation it is recommended that you check spoke tension, tighten spokes if needed, and recheck tightness after the first few rides. All wheels should have spokes checked but handbuilt is better, generic option is machine laced from the factory which is not as high build quality as our hand-laced wheels using quality Alex rim, DT Swiss spokes and Spoke Prep. If you want the best wheelbuild out of the box you want the custom wheelbuild option.
  • Compatibility note: The 1/2" hubmotor spacer is for use with single speed sprockets.  If you do not have a single speed sprocket you do not need this.
  • Lead time: For wheel builds please add a few days extra to our usual lead time


Installation documentation for this kit

Highly recommended reading- documentation for using our batteries with this kit:

On usage and operation with our hardcase batteries

On usage and operation with our softpack batteries

How to pick out a hubmotor kit for your bike build