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  • Untested motor for parts or repair
  • Complete wheel with motor laced to 26x1.5" 36h Rim
  • Untested motor for parts or repair
  • For front wheel
  • Luna Cycle black edition
  • Built in sine wave controller
  • Smaller and lighter than the magic pie
  • New fan cooling of controller for better reliability
  • Can be used with 24 -52v battery
  • 20amp controller for up to 1000 watts of power

This is an untested motor from the luna garage that is being sold as is for parts or repair. 

Whether you want a backup for parts or want to try and repair it, this motor is a steal at a fraction of the retail price if it were new

The V5 is the latest version of the golden motor smart pie  The Luna Cycle version of this kit is solid black which we think is a big improvement.

If you think you know the golden pie motor it has improved vastly with the vector sine wave controller. Now it is even more efficient, reliable, quiet and smooth.  

Watch this video for more information on the kit:  Click here

For a wealth of golden pie videos for information, installation, and upgrading check out this page: click here for youtube videos


 Motor Features:

  • Built in controller for less wiring mess and easy installation
  • Built in temp sensors so the motor shuts down before it fries 
  • Easy disc brake mounting
  • High efficiency, Torque and speed
  • Large diameter for better efficiency
  • Super slim to fit most drop outs.


Controller features

  • Sine wave controller!
  • Regenerative braking charges your battery when going downhill
  • Ingenious design build into motor (no wire clutter!)
  • 24-60 volts flexibility
  • 20amps max  
  • Fan cooled for effective cooling
  • USB programmable