Golden Pie Replacement Harness


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Rambler K Aug 18th 2017

Fits and works perfect!

Excellent unit and fits like a glove. Not the OJ kind more like a rubber glove. ;)!

Brendon Bosy Feb 14th 2017

Just what I needed

My Smart Pie 5's wiring harness shorted out on me and I needed to replace it asap. Luna is one of the only US based companies that offers replacement parts for Golden Motor. Great if you need to replace your harness in a hurry.

One heads up to anyone installing a GM motor: There's a ton of exposed plug points, half of which I really don't know what the heck they do. I guess GM designs the harness so you can connect a bunch of their accessories. If you're like me you're probably only using the throttle and e-brake, which means there's a bunch of exposed plug points. The way they are designed makes them magnets for winter snow and salt, even if you tuck the plugs away in a hidden spot on the bike. Make sure to wrap them in duct tape or electrical tape, or anything that can create a water tight seal. If not, you risk getting a short circuit like I did

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