Golden Pie V5 Golden Motor Hub Kit


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  • For front or rear wheel
  • Luna Cycle black edition
  • The latest version of the magic pie kit
  • Built in sine wave controller
  • Can be used with 24 -52v battery
  • 25amp controller for up to 1500 watts of power, 1000w continuous
  • Programmable with optional cable

manuals-icon.png Read this awesome install guide  

The V5 is the latest version of the golden motor magic pie  The Luna Cycle version of this kit is solid black which we think is a big improvement.

If you think you know the golden pie motor it has improved vastly with the vector sine wave controller. Now it is even more efficient, reliable, quiet and smooth.  

Watch this video for more information on the kit:  Click here

For a wealth of golden pie videos for information, installation, and upgrading check out this page: click here for youtube videos

Regarding Installation

Click here for install guide 

The Magic Pie v5 is an easy 30 minute install. The hardest part is installing the tire. You may run into difficulties with your drop out and may need to install drop outs.

The trickiest part is installing the screw on cassette (this piece is sold separately) so that your rear gears still work properly.
Make sure you use the spacer ring that comes in the kit between the motor and the freewheel. Also watching this video is highly recommended:

See our Knowledge Base for more documentation

Professional wheel building



All our kits come with the option to be hand built into your choice of Alex wheels.  Our bicycle wheel builder is top notch. We use premium DT Swiss Champion spokes, brass nipples, quality spoke prep and your choice of Alex wheels.

We really recommend this option for a quality hub motor kit.... the stock rim made in china is much lower quality components and the spokes will need to tightened after a few rides.


Regarding battery Options

This kit comes with everything you need to convert your bicycle minus battery and charger which you can add now or later. 

Any of our 36, 48, or 52 volt batteries will work with this kit. 

52 volts will get you more power and higher top speed. 

48 volt battery will get you a little less power and top speed  but will be more reliable.

Once you have picked the voltage then you just need to pick the size. The higher the AH the farther the battery will take you.
A 10ah battery will give you 25 miles on average. A 20ah battery should get you 50 miles. More ah means bigger in size, more weight and harder to mount. 

This kit is pre-programmed for 48V/52V batteries.
If you want to use this kit with a 24V/36V battery you will need to reprogram the controller with the Golden Motors program wire for Vector controllers. This item is not included in the kit though we often have it in stock on the site if needed.




Kit Includes
Magic Pie 5 hub motor
Motor comes pre built into 26 inch rim front or rear (adds few days lead time for Alex rims to be professionally laced)
Sine wave controller (built into motor)
Quality twist throttle
Quality quick release electrical connectors for easy installation


Kit Options
All batteries we offer from 36-52v are compatible with this kit. 36v may need to be configured for that voltage however. See our documentation for details
Optional Torque arm at no extra charge. Use this listing if you want more than one
Solder sleeves for making connection from battery to controller. See battery documentation below for instructions


Motor Features
Built in controller for less wiring mess and easy installation
Built in temp sensors so the motor shuts down before it fries
Easy disc brake mounting
High efficiency, Torque and speed
Large diameter for better efficiency
Super slim to fit most drop outs.


Controller Features
Sine wave controller!
Regenerative braking charges your battery when going downhill
Ingenious design build into motor (no wire clutter!)
24-60 volts flexibility
25amps max 
Fan cooled for effective cooling
USB programmable



Installation and Important Documentation

For front hubmotors, we recommend using a torque arm (or two). See this link for what a torque arm is.

It is not advisable to use a front hub with suspension forks, we recommend using a rear hub if you have suspension fork.

After hubmotor installation it is recommended that you check spoke tension, tighten spokes if needed, and recheck tightness after the first few rides. All wheels should have spokes checked but handbuilt is better, generic option is machine laced from the factory which is not as high build quality as our hand-laced wheels using quality Alex rim, DT Swiss spokes and Spoke Prep. If you want the best wheelbuild out of the box you want the custom wheelbuild option.

Note: Standard generic rim 1.5". For wider rim go with custom built option