High Power Wireless Burglary Stopper Rear Light


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Annoyingly loud and surprisingly effective, the new S3 Rear Light actually comes equipped with an internal horn (and wireless remote!) to truly improve rider awareness. 

Extremely easy to install, the Burglary Stopper simply attaches to anywhere you please by using silicone stretchy wraps that will fit almost all sizes of downtubes, seat posts, and pretty much anywhere on your frame you can think of.  Fortunately it also comes equipped with a wireless remote, so you won't have to awkwardly balance and try to adjust while pedaling blindly forward.  Not only did they make this thing so loud (rivals foghorns, really) it has an extremely small footprint (easier to hide!) and is USB rechargeable.  If you do get in a real pinch, there is a replaceable button battery located inside so you can put a fresh one if needed. 

The best part of the Burglary Stopper is the "anti-theft" mode which unfortunately does need to be enabled every shut-down (some say that's a good thing though).  Using an internal G sensor, when this mode is set that same Fog-horn-esque beep will occur very frequently when it senses any sudden movements or shakes.  We highly recommend trying this mode out in a non-panic induced state before deciding to turn it on or not.  

  • USB Rechargeable
  • Silicone grips for virtually any mounting spot you can think of
  • Wireless remote
  • Anti-Theft Mode that rivals a car alarm.