ISIS Bottom Bracket 68-73mm for Cyclone


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  • Isis Bottom Bracket
  • Ideal for fitment for the Cyclone mid drive
  • Pick 68-73mm (click here for 83mm width)
  • 150mm length
  • Compatible with Isis crank arms (sold here)
  • Ideal for mountain bike use
  • Higher quality BB than what comes with stock Cyclone

For people with high end mountain bikes you can use your high quality ISIS crank arms if you buy this BB with your Cyclone.

Also the quality is a considerable upgrade to the square tapered BB that comes stock with the Cyclone.

The axle length of 150mm is ideal for fitment on most bikes with the Cyclone drive, but some spacers might be needed which you will need to source yourself.



2 Reviews

Apr 25th 2017

I agree very difficult to install

I managed to get the caps on but I am not sure if it stripped on the way in. I hope I never have to take it off to find out. The BB does seem to be of a high quality very smooth

John Aug 28th 2016

This BB is very difficult to tighten

The caps on the BB require the use of a Parktool BBT-18 ( but this tool does not have an opening large enough to fit over the BB's spindle. The only other option is to use the Pedros wrench ( which is better for this BB. Surprised that there is nothing in the description about this issue, as it's a big deal if you want to properly tighten the BB.

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