K-trak Tank Tracks Conversion Kit (luna new and improved version)


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Turn any Mid Drive powered bike into a mini snowmobile

Will cut through deep powder and ice

Luna Version of the original K-trak Kit Modified with CNC billet parts that fix the original weakness of the k-trak to fall off

Includes both rear treads and front ski (front ski is optional)

Rear track mounts in less than 15 minutes without tools

135mm drop out (for standard mountain bikes not through hole) 

Front Ski works with 100mm or 135mm dropouts (not through hole)

See our youtube video torture testing this kit in sand

Front and rear has standard quick releases





Plow through Snow like a mini snow-mobile.  This can convert any regular mountain bike into a mini snowmobile bike.


These kits were available in the past but really suck to pedal them. Paired with an electric mid drive motor (1500 watts or more) the tank tracks become the most fun you can have in the snow without a chair lift. 


Go with or or without the front ski, you can also opt to change your front fork for one of our fat Luna lander forks with front fat tire up to 5 inches. 


Convert most any mountain bike to a fun in the snow machine this winter, and use your electric bike all year round. 


This kit is for snow use only (we tested in the sand but do not recommend this).

We cut a custom cnc billet piece to fix a major weakness in the k-track kit, which had a plastic piece which would break easily and then the tracks would get clogged with snow and fall off....we tested extensively in sand (very hard to do and not recommended) and then fixed this weakness by making the piece in our cnc machine that makes the kit much more robust. 




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radoslav zidek Sep 10th 2018

ktrac info

i d like to ask about k trak wheel size , is it for 29er wheel size too?

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