Kelly Controller 48-52v 100amp KBS48101X


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  • Packs a big punch in a little package
  • Lightweight and tiny
  • 110amp bursts (10sec) & 40 amp max continuous
  • For hub and mid drive motors
  • Programmable (with optional kelly cable)
  • For advanced builders only
  • For use with 48-52v battery

We love this little controller.  It is a square wave so does not require to be programmed to work with your motor. It will work with most ebike brushless motors, both hub motors and mid drives.

Hot rod your factory controller and make your ebike fast as snot.  

For advanced builders only, this controller packs a big punch if you have the patience and know how to wire it up.

Do not buy this if you are not comfortable with doing your own wiring.

If you are new to the hobby an advanced controller like this is not the right way to start, we would recommend our kits which are plug and play.

It's programmable but you will need to purchase the cable at Kelly.

Also be aware you need to wire the on/off switch on this controller correctly or it will not work.