KMC Bike Chain with Master Link By the Foot

Did you read the length warnings *

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  • KMC X series, best chain you can get for a mid-drive system
  • 8, 9, 10 and single speed options
  • Includes a set of KMC Missing Link (master link) so you can join it together
  • * The single speed chain is required for cyclone between the motor and chainring (at least 2 feet needed, change quantity to at least 2 if you need this. Actual length used may be more or less depending on the frame)
  • * Typically for a mountain bike you will need around 4 feet, more or less depending on your application.
Price is sold by the foot, please change the QTY to the amount of feet you will need!


8 speed x8.93: ½”x3/32”




 9 speed x9.93: 1/2×11/128″

x9.93.jpg  x9.93specs.png


 10 speed x10.93: ½”x11/128”




Single Speed (Z410) ½”x1/8”