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Lekkie BBSHD Bling Ring Chainring

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Product Description

Read review here for more insight

  • Now Available in New Teeth Sizes!
  • Cnc from one piece of 7075 heat treated aluminum for long life
  • 160 grams, about half the weight of stock chain ring
  • One piece design
  • Made from Lekkie, the originator of the Bling Ring
  • Offered in Black or Red colors
  • Makes a better chain ring than the stock one by doing more offset


We are proud to offer the Lekkie Bling Ring for the BBSHD.  Lekkie is one of the originators in the Bafang aftermarket parts market and makes a quality chain ring. 

See here for a offset comparison of this chainring to other chainrings


Product Reviews

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  1. Helped with chain line spacing

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 21st 2017

    Bike is a 2017 Surly ECR (small) with 73 mm bottom bracket.
    Motor is a BBSHD.

    From reading other reviews I ordered the mighty mini 30t chain ring with my motor order, it was spaced way to far out not making a good chain line (biggest issue for not using). It did however have loads of torque but just not the speed or feel of "actual pedaling" at speeds needed for pavement riding.

    I then installed the stock 46t to get some reference to how the chain line would be with it (I highly recommend this FIRST before ordering any different chain rings). The chain line was way better and it worked pretty good! The one draw back was that it was just a little to high of gearing for riding paved and gravel mountain roads.

    After measuring things and calculating what may be better I thought the 42t Luna Eclipse chain ring is want I needed. The spacing was to far in to the center of the bike, I tried using the 3,3 spacer and 2 mm Lekkie Bling ring spacer but still the chain line wasn't real good. NOTE: I ended up using this on my Jones Plus Cargo bike I was building at the same time and with some playing around with the motor spacing and using a 3.3 mm BBSHD spacer I got a chain line I was much happier with!

    So, I then got the 42t Lekkie Bling ring and it fit and worked good! The offset was not as much as the Luna Eclipse chain ring and gave a good chain line not needing any spacers!

  2. unexpected benefit

    Posted by Steve A on Aug 13th 2017

    I purchased an exact size replacement for my BBS02 at 46t. The chain line is better which has made shifting a little better and it's more quiet, something I didn't expect. I never knew the stock ring made a slight clicking sound because I always thought it was the reduction gearing but after putting on the Lekkie it became completely quiet and smoother. Overall a more pleasant experience and definitely a worthy upgrade.

  3. Chain line

    Posted by Gunnar Bergman on Aug 1st 2017

    I have very big problems with the chain line and the kmc chain wouldn't sit properly.
    So if you have any proposal to fix i be delighted.

  4. 42 tooth is great

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 26th 2017

    Good product. Corrects chain line problems, runs smooth with an 11 speed system. No chain drop problems but the chain and the rest of the drive line were new as well.

  5. Works.... but

    Posted by Joe on Jun 15th 2017

    The install was not difficult, the only tricky part was getting the offset right. So far, I have had a few chain ring derailments while riding, always at the chainring, sometimes the chain doesn't mesh perfectly with the ring. Maybe this will get better with time

  6. Threw the chain

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 26th 2017

    42 tooth -
    Looks Good
    Nice and light
    BUT - my shimano chain wouldn't sit properly and was finally thrown off after 400 yards.
    Definitely very wary of it now - could cause an accident / Injury if thrown at high speed.

    36 tooth-
    I had assumed that the offset was limited by the dimensions of the motor, but no, there is still plenty of room for more offset - disappointing as it means that for my bike the chainline will be very poor.

    All in all disappointed by these rings, think mine will be on ebay once I've got decent alternatives.

  7. Great size!

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 17th 2017

    on my Trek mountain bike with a BBSHD I tried the 42 tooth and it was great on the flat for speed. but i was not happy with how it climbed hills. so i switched to a 30 tooth. it can climb like a Mt. Goat, but i could not keep up with the motor at anything more than about 18mph. after installing the 36 tooth Leikie. it seems to be the best of both worlds. and the product is well made.

  8. Light wieght

    Posted by Robert V. on Apr 13th 2017

    Like the name bling ring,, its very light weight, works perfectly,

  9. Works Great!

    Posted by Jeff Markham on Mar 12th 2017

    Way better than the stock ring or the 42t bbshd ring. Creates a perfect chain line. I paired up the 46t one with a 11t - 36t cassette and the ratio spread is great. Top speed with a comfortable cadence is right at 30 mph. The lowest gear will climb any slope in the Seattle area, many of which are quite steep.


    Posted by Andrew on Aug 8th 2016

    This will NOT work on a single speed chain setup.

    Multi-speed chain only.

    Stock ring works PERFECTLY for single speed chain. Stock ring is not designed for multi-speed chain (That's why the stock ring gets bad reviews)

    Luna needs to please clearly update their descriptions so people don't accidentally buy things they don't need

  11. Found a 10sp chain that works!

    Posted by JAzuma on Jun 18th 2016

    Shimano CN-HG95 HG-X 10sp

  12. Perfect Offset, Abnormally wide teeth

    Posted by JAzuma on Jun 17th 2016

    I replaced the BBSHD Aluminum Chainring Adapter w/ 42t Chainring because it did not have enough offset. The Lekkie Bling Ring has perfect offset, even a millimeter more an it would be hitting my chainstay. The problem is that it has an abnormally wide wide tooth.

    Wide tooth on the original is 3.8mm...which I think will easily fit inside all 10sp chains. SRAM internal width = 3.9mm. Shimano internal width = 4.25mm. I have a Wolftooth Drop-Stop chainring with a couple hundred miles on it and its wide tooth is 3.7mm. At this width, running a 1x10 setup with a shimano chain, the chain has never fallen off.

    The Lekkie Bling Ring measures in at a whopping 4.0mm making it too big to use with my SRAM chain. And I worry it may have problems executing its function as the chainline gets pulled off-center. I'm going to buy another shimano chain and give it a go...and I guess I can always file down the teeth, but why make it so freakin wide? Is this poor design or poor manufacturing tolerances?

    The aesthetics are great, the offset is great, it appears like it's pretty bomb proof. But take note, it won't work with all chains and you may need to modify it.

    Not sure of the width of their Eclipse Chainring, but it may offer an alternative.

  13. better then the stock one

    Posted by David on Apr 17th 2016

    well.. it has the same offset as the stock one(!), i really need/expect more than just maybe 1mm...
    but, it looks really good and it wheigts almost nothing. This 42 tooth cainring makes it easyer to pedal and the combination of tall/large tooth makes it hard for the chain to drop off.

  14. Straightened my chain line on my BBSHD

    Posted by adam zickgraf on Mar 22nd 2016

    This chain ring was just what I needed to replace that absolutely horrible stock chain ring that the BBSHD kit comes with-It was super easy to install and now my 29er Kona is a smooth riding beast!!