Luna Deluxe Mini Cyclone Kit

Upgrade your Bottom Bracket to an ISIS (Crank Arms Sold Separately) *
Crank Arm Set (ISIS cranks are required if buying ISIS BB) *
Upgrade to a Triple Chain Ring $25.00 *
Included Controller *
Throttle Options *
Optional Pedal Assist Add On
Ebrake Cutoff Sensors (Highly Recommended)

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  • For experienced builders only
  • Only use our 48 or 52v batteries with this cyclone (Can use higher voltage w/ ASI option)
  • Compact size for sexy looking bike
  • 2000 watt system
  • Black anodized mounting brackets
  • Sleek looking motor
  • 9.55 to 1 gear reduction built into the end of the motor
  • 7 pounds
  • diameter is 88mm, total length is 170mm and length without shaft is about 138mm

We only recommend cyclone kits for experienced builders and people who have done their research and know what they are getting into. 

Get cyclone performance in a much smaller, lighter and cleaner looking motor. 

For weight wienies you gotta love the 7 pound weight with a 40 amp controller. 

40 amps is a lot for such a small motor, but it is built to take it. 

The smaller motor makes for a clean install.

It makes an excellent platform for a custom install with custom mounting brackets. 

This includes the complete kit, everything you need to install on most bikes minus the battery and bicycle chain:

  • Motor
  • 40amp controller
  • Front Sprocket (48 and 46 tooth)
  • Left half twist throttle (with voltage meter)

For purchasing guide, installation instructions and manual click here


Kit options

  • Stock chainwheel or triple chainring
  • Luna-tic chainring for ultimate durability
  • Wide variety of throttle options to suit your preference, see individual throttle listings for details on each
  • High power fully potted sinewave controller upgrade available
  • Ebrakes for safety cutoff purposes (stock controller only)
  • PAS cadence sensor for pedal assist (stock controller only)

Support notes:

The Luna-Tick Crank Set is only compatible with the ISIS BB if you follow this simple modification guide

Square taper crankarms are only compatible with square taper BB. And ISIS cranks are only compatible with ISIS BB. These are not interchangeable.

The Mini Cyclone kit is made for 68 to 83mm Bottom brackets, if you have wider BB you will need to source longer bolts for it. Take a look at this link for more info

Currently the Luna tick freewheel is only compatible with the Luna crankset (and is included in the crankset) You can make it work with an adapter for the standard freewheel/crank options but this is not yet available.

If using one of the other controllers and you want a full featured display we recommend the Batt-man display for battery info.