Luna Ferrofluid (statorade) Hub Motor Coolant 10mL


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Scientific grade ferrofluid by Ferro Tec APG 1110 (there are many different grades of ferrolfuid and this is the highest quality and the only one we recommend)

Read this article for more info

Includes complete kit, drill bit and 3 self tapping screw for doing the entire job easily and safely.

The best viscosity ferrofluid for hub motor cooling

Proven to dramatically cool down your direct drive hub motor

Increases power, range, efficiency, and longevity 

Run more power through your motor without overheating

5 ml of Ferrofluid injected into a direct drive hub motor will effectively make your direct drive hub motor more efficient by making it run cooler.

The syringe will fit in holes as small as 2mm so that you can drill a small hole in your hub motor so you can ferro cool it, a five minute job that does not even require  removing your hub from the bike. 

The magnets inside your motor will ensure that the ferrofluid does not leak out of the hole you drilled ( a big problem with oil cooling hub motors which also works for cooling but can make messy)


This is the highest grade ferrofluid available and will last for years even in the most rugged riding conditions. The drawback to cheaper lower quality ferrofluid is they will have drastically lower life span. Ferro Tec APG 1110 has been proven to last in rugged riding conditions for a year or longer. We recommend that you add more ferrolfuid to your hub motor every 2 years to ensure maximum cooling efficiency.

We have provided it in a  complete kit including a drill bit, and a self tapping screw.

Note that the safest way to add ferrofluid is to drill into your hub motor case, since the small aluminum shavings cannot hurt your hub motor.

We have found that taking the motor apart breaks the factory seals and ferrofluid leaking out of those factory seals will shorten the life of the ferrolfuid (estimate to be changed once a year). 

Read this article for more information on the benefits of this wonder fluid. 

Ferrofluid is the snake oil that really does get more power out of your direct drive motor for very little investment and just a bit of work. 

This is really a big breakthrough in hub motor technology that has come about in the last year.

Get the best Ferrofluid available Ferro Tec AGG 1110 for a great price.

You can take apart your hub motor to apply, or more conveniently just drill a hole as small as 2mm and squirt inside.  

5ml of fluid is enough for most hub motor, use 7ml if you are running a 3000w hub motor or larger. 

Ferrofluid is as magnetic fluid that bonds to the stators of your direct drive motor which helps dissipate heat by transferring heat to the motor cover and make your motor run cooler.

This is the scientific grade name brand ferrofluid made by Ferro Tec.


Once your hub motor runs cooler it means its more efficient and more reliable, which means you can run more amps which means more power. This Ferrofluid does NOT make your DD motor more powerful, it only allows you to run more amps through the motor before it overheats and causes damage to the coils, hall sensors or phase wires.

People have been putting oil in their  hub motors for years to increase cooling,  since ferrofluid is magnetic it bonds to the stator, not only doing a better job of cooling the stator, but also will not leak out of the motor onto your nice carpeted floor (if you park your ebike inside)

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Support note: not intended  mid drive motors or geared hub motors,  direct drive hubmotors only (no gear reduction inside)