Luna Flite Carbon Road Cycle
Luna Flite Carbon Road Cycle

Luna Flite Carbon Road Cycle

(You save $1,750.00)

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  • Mini Cyclone with shark battery
  • kelley 50amp controller
  • GA shark 52v 14ah battery
  • Based on full carbon road bike frame
  • Converted KHS Flite 750 high end road racing bike
  • 58cm size

We have only one of these and are selling it for less than retail price of just the bike alone (khs elite 750) with an advanced mini cyclone kit on it with all of lunas special cnc parts which makes up the cyclone deluxe kit which we use to sale on our fastest bikes.

We recommend this bike for experienced ebike riders/ builders only. Also we prefer to sale this bike only to someone who has bought a luna bike in the past. 

This is a brand new bike that Luna was  thinking about offering. We originally purchased the bike from KHS, a full carbon fiber road bike but found out our bbshd kit would not fit... so we adapted the next best thing which is the mini cyclone, our own custom version of the mini cyclone with a lot of custom cnc parts. 

The cyclone drive system  is  fast, powerful a bit noisy and not for everyone.

It is rare you can buy a cyclone based built bike and we are offering this bike to experienced builders only who know what is involved to ride and maintain a cyclone based bike.

this bike has been ridden short distances only and is a 40mph bike.  it is practically new with very little signs of use.

We are offering this bike at a very low price. If you buy this are not satisfied you must return it within 10 days of receiving and we ask the buyer pays the shipping cost. 

This bike is sold with no warranty beyond the first 30 days because it is a high performance bike (cyclone drive system) and can be abused very easily.

If you do not know what a cyclone drive system is we recommend not to buy this bike. It is for experienced users only. Cyclones are faster than bbshd's but not nearly as refined and are for ebike enthusiasts only.  


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