Luna Full Color Display DPC-14 For the BBS02 and BBSHD

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  • The first full color display available for the Bafang BBS02 and BBSHD
  • The highest quality display available for the Bafang BBSxx
  • 5 button control
  • USB Power cord for charging phone or powering light
  • displays volts for highly accurate battery gauge giving you a good idea wen your battery will die.
  • Clock
  • Automatic back light, Black or white background can be toggled
  • Odometer, trip time, and total mileage


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video-icon.png Watch Luna's video Review here

 Read independent review of the color display here


We have had samples of this top secret display and have been testing for several months giving Bafang our feedback.  We are very pleased with this display, and can fairly say it is hands down the best Bafang display ever. 

This display features :

  • Full color display
  • Volt Meter for accurate battery gauge for even 52v batteries! 
  • Up to 9 levels of assist
  • USB Charger
  • Watt meter
  • Volt meter for accurate battery gauge even with 52v batteries
  • Clock
  • Password lock
  • Variable  battery settings
  • Black and white background modes
  • Auto brightness setting
  • For a full independent review of the DPC-14 from electricbike-blog click here.



manuals-icon.png Read the manual of  the full color display here

The first released full color display for the Bafang  BBSXX series and of course Luna Cycles is the first dealer in the world to carry it.


It gives a volt display that will gvie you an accurate display of your battery's "fuel tank" which solves the 52v fuel gauge accuracy issue with the Bafang drives.


52v battery note:  Although the gauge is accurate as your battery loses charge...this meter displays a maximum voltage of when your battery is full charged it will not display the correct voltage.

After your battery falls below 56.4 this is an accurate voltage display however. 


How to change the assist levels so it has 9 levels of assist

This display shows in mph or kph (your choice).

You can toggle by holding the Plus button between white back ground or black dark ground depending on your preference and available lighting.

It has a clock and it will also display total ride time.

It has the convenience of a usb cable plug that can charge your phone directly from your ebike battery. No other BBSxx display except the DPC-10 has this. Be aware that the USB port only produces about 0.5 amp which is enough to charge a phone or run a GPS but is not powerful enough to run a high power LED bike light.

Works with the BBS01, BBS02 & BBSHD drive units.

Support note: please do not overtighten the bolts on the plastic mounting bracket (especially the selector switch) we do not have replacements if you break the bracket.



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Jul 13th 2017


i like it.

Bob Jul 3rd 2017


Ordered per website. Arrived quickly and works as advertised. Simple and easy to operate, ordered 2.

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