Luna KHS 2016 Urban Extreme
Luna KHS 2016 Urban Extreme
Luna KHS 2016 Urban Extreme
Luna KHS 2016 Urban Extreme

Luna KHS 2016 Urban Extreme

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A road bike with disc brakes and beefy road bike tires for an all around great commuter and city biker. We custom cnc parts to make a throttle that works with these road bike handlebars. 






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Chicago NG Jul 25th 2017

Best city commuter ever

Let me start off by stating that I am an experienced bike rider and bike commuter going on 10 years. I do all my own bicycle maintenance at home.

I am 5ft 11in 205lbs w/ 32in inseam and the large frame fit perfectly. I chose this model out of utility. I wanted a sturdy frame with mounting bosses for racks and fenders. I was looking for range and decent speed. I am in Chicago riding on mostly flat paved roads with mixed weather conditions. This is a beauitful and professional build by Luna and a wonderful frame by KHS; comfortable, well balanced and sturdy.

I upgraded to the 52v 13.5aH battery, Advanced Charger, gear sensor, Mosso pedals and I had my own brooks saddle (most comfortable seat in the world!) At home I added Schwalbe Marathon 700x38c tires, anti flat tire liners, fenders, rear rack and panniers.

I decided purchase the Luna KHS Urban extreme after 8 months of research, a new job with a commute of 35miles round trip, and long “death march” rides home after 12hr shifts on my feet. I could not be happier with the final product! This bike flys down the road and feels really stable at 30 mph. With the computer pedal assist at 0-9 PAS, I can ride at PAS 2-3 travelling average 25mph for about 35 to 40 miles of range (on the 52v 13.5aH battery) at Pas 6 I can easily ride 30mph, at PAS 9 I end up spinning out on the pedals, but the motor keeps pulling! Top speed so far 41mph on flat ground no wind pedaling about 110rpm.

With all that speed you have to be extra cautious! Nobody expects a bike to travel that fast, so people have no problem turning in front of you or walking out in front of you thinking they have more time than they do. So there is a lot of slowing down and speeding up. But not a big deal because that motor has so much torque.

So far I have ridden approximately 100miles in the 1 week of ownership in anything from high winds, sunshine and a pretty nasty rain storm. I know that luna does not recommend riding in the rain, but reading the forums at gave me some reassurance. I rigged a garbage bag to cover the battery and used dielectric grease on the connections. Made it to work and back with out issue. I also have a covered lock up area at my place of work.

Range anxiety is a thing! Know your limits. I ran out of juice one ride home with about 3 miles to go. The battery didn’t go flat but I rode home on human power and I was able to ride about the same speed as my normal commuter, 17mph. From this point on I am bringing my charger to work with me.

The only problem I had with the bike was the wheels, but mainly my fault. I normally tighten spokes ¼ turn prior to first ride especially on machine built wheels. I was too excited and took the bike for a 20 mile ride out of the box resulting in a wobbly out of true rear wheel. I spent about 30 min retuning the wheel, so make sure you spokes are at the right tension. This is actually quite normal for any new bike as there is a break in period for cables and spokes (they stretch and shift.) Make sure to take your bike into a mechanic for a tune up after about 30 miles or so, this should be an expected cost of buying a new bike, electric or not.

I smile everytime I get on and I'm proud to be repping Luna Cycles in Chicago.

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