Luna Lander Fat Suspension Fork

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  • Read an independent review on this fork from Karl of the Electricbike-blog here
  • Quality and style at a fraction of the cost of a 500$ brand name.
  • Bolt on replacement for fat bike Sondors fork
  • Air adjustable dampened spring fork
  • 120mm of travel
  • Fits up to 4.8 inch wide tires (depending on the brand of tire, not all 4.8 will fit)
  • Remote handle bar mounted  lock out
  • Lightweight (6 pounds)
  • 6 month warranty against manufacture defects
  • Uses 32mm generic dust seal kits commonly available from any local bike shop

If anything makes a fat bike more fun, it's having a front suspension. A front suspension will make you feel you can float through all kinds of rough terrain like you were on a moon lander buggy.

The Luna Lander is a quality suspension fork made to make your Sondors bike (or other comparable fat bike) feel like you are riding on air with your head in the clouds.

Finally, a quality suspension fork for Sondors Fat Bikes that does not require you to rebuild your wheel.

It has a remote lock out that mounts on the handlebar so you can change from full suspension to no suspension with the flick of a switch.

This is an air adjusted dampened fork meaning you can adjust it with air pressure to be firm or soft depending on your weight and riding preference. Air adjustable forks are only offered on higher-end forks.

This fork can be installed in 30 minutes, see video above.

We had this fork built specifically for the Sondors fat bike using quality suspension components, not simple spring suspension which is available now.

This is by far the highest quality suspension fork available on the market for the Sondors Bike. 

  • Will fit some tires up to 4.8 inches wide (even snowshoe XL studded tires)
  • 1 1/8 inch straight tube can be cut to size and we provide spacers so that this fork can be adjusted  to any size for maximum comfort for any size rider. 
  • The steerer tube is 220mm in length but can be cut to your size
  • 135mm drop out width.
  • 10mm vertical drop outs for standard threaded axle (not through-hole).
  • 32mm stanchions for firm feel when riding trails. 
  • Good up to 220lbs riders


PLease check this link is you are unsure if this fork will fit your bike and tires: Suspension Fork Fitment Guide

Fat bike compatibility: This fork has 1-1/8” straight steerer tube unless you buy an adapter compatible with your headset to go from straight to tapered.

Some tire and rim combo can rub against the fork legs (example: Surly Bud 4.8" with a 100mm rim will rub) so it will depend on the tire brand/model, the rim width and the tire pressure. So we cannot make any guarantee that your tire/rim will fit but It should fit most 4.6" tires and 80mm rims without any issue.

If you have our KHS 3000 you want either the rockshox Bluto or the Luna Carbon Lander fork.  If you have KHS 1000 this will not work, as it has a wider dropout width (150mm)

We have a video showing how to install a front suspension fork here: 

Crown race can be hard to remove especially if it’s old, good thing they are cheap and available at your local bike shop or at:

1 1/8" Crown race can be easily bought here at JensonUSA or Chain Reaction

It's better to use your old crown race so that you are sure it will fit perfectly.

You will also need to reuse your start nut or you can buy them at JensonUSA, Chain Reaction, Ebay or Amazon

As with any suspension fork, it is not recommended to use below freezing temperatures as it will affect performance.

We make installation much easier by providing a specially sized PVC pipe to make installation a snap without any special crown race install tool. Here is a picture: