Luna Primary Belt to Chain Conversion Kit


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  • No more broken belts!
  • Much more durable and reliable than the stock belt primary reduction!
  • Made with love in the USA

Luna custom kit for those who are breaking their transmission Belt (found here) or find constant slippage due to hardcore usage. By converting to a heavy duty motorcycle chain, you do significantly increase the overall noise factor, but we find is well worth the trade off of having a non-operating bike for the rest of the day. Perfect for those who ride in heavy muddy or dusty conditions, we found the chain conversion to be a good solution and relatively easy install.

This retains the factory gearing with this kit.

The drawback to converting to chain is the chain is louder than a belt.

Look at our custom kit here for conversion kits using 219 chain which makes this kit considerably quieter (nearly as quiet as belt).

Racing Cart Chain

Unlike the stock surron conversion kit which uses thick 420 chain, we use thin 219 cart racing chain which makes this conversion considerably quieter than with the 420 chain kit. Using this 219 chain makes this kit only 3 decibels louder than the stock belt drive. (see video for a comparison)

Using chain over belt makes this much more durable than the stock primary reduction. Also next time you break a belt you wont have to remove the entire swingarm to replace it. The 219 chain can easily be replaced with a chain breaker without disassembling the bike.


We offer this kit in 2 different options... STANDARD and LOW gear options.

STANDARD: 20-48 

Imitates the stock gear ratio

LOW: 20-54 

Gives the bike a lower gearing. (lower speed higher torque)
This will give you roughly the equivalent gearing of running a 10 tooth larger sprocket on the back of the bike over stock



  • Sprockets made from stainless steel
  • custom laser cut spacers for perfect alignment
  • 219 racing custom chain for high performance and quietness

Compatible with both the Surron MX and X Versions.


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