Luna Wolf Extra Magnet Mount


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  • Wolf v2 Magnet Mount now available separately
  • Add extra mounts to other bikes so you can swap batteries easily
  • Perfect for replacing your older magnets
  • 6 Neodynium Magnets properly polarized for maximum hold strength

Compatible with both V1 and V2 of the Luna Wolf, this extra bottle mount will make battery swapping a dream by loading up your extra rides for quick pit-stop-time battery changes.  

3 Reviews

Super Mario Feb 15th 2020

Wolf Mount

This is a superb mounting system!
Strong enough to hold your battery even in hardcore Off Road Mountainbike applications.
Just a tip. Because it’s so strong, 2 mounting bolts are not enough. So I would modify to add at least 3 to 4.

Gary Aug 12th 2019

V2 battery

All Luna stuff is the best in the market, but the V2 is a leap in technology that is unparalleled. If you want a great value for your money and you want the best any amount of money will purchase-then buy Luna.

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