Luna Wolf Extra Magnet Mount


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  • Wolf v2 Magnet Mount now available separately
  • Add extra mounts to other bikes so you can swap batteries easily
  • Perfect for replacing your older magnets
  • 6 Neodynium Magnets properly polarized for maximum hold strength

Compatible with both V1 and V2 of the Luna Wolf, this extra bottle mount will make battery swapping a dream by loading up your extra rides for quick pit-stop-time battery changes.  

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Shaun Disch Apr 22nd 2019

Luna Wolf Mount

Wow, this is probably at least 2-3 times stronger than the previous 2 magnet mounting system. I could previously pull the battery off lifting straight up with the bike in the bike stand, now I start lifting the bike and stand off the ground and it won't pull off. It also has the advantage of much more flexibility in mounting, in terms of battery placement and also the ability to use more than 2 screws to hold the mount on. I used 3 screws since I had added rivnuts to my frame for more strength. Nice mount, I don't think I'll use the Velcro strap anymore for commuting and bunny hopping curbs. It comes off decently still at an angle, a bit more pressure is required though which is a good thing.

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