Mac Motor/ ASI High Performance Hub Kit

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Note: This item is likely discontinued. For current kit offerings see this page


  • The most advanced high speed geared hub motor technology available on the market today.  
  • 5 to 1 motor planetary gear reduction for ultimate in efficiency and light weight.
  • The most advanced Ebike controller on the market (ASI BAC-800) light weight and tiny.
  • The latest version of the Mac motor with upgraded phase wires, thin laminates, and temperature sensor.
  • Temperature shut down features keep your motor safe at high power.
  • Programmed and integrated with FOV Sine Wave ASI controller.
  • 9.5 pounds, great weight for this power of motor.
  • Small diameter (5 inches) fits behind disk brake for stealth.
  • Luna made wiring harness for super simple installation.
  • Compatible with any of our 48, 52 and 60 volt batteries.
  • Programmed for 1700W continuous
  • 90amps Peak, 1 minute 70 amps RMS, 30A continuous
  • Professionally built into the wheel of your choosing (add 2 week lead time)

For Ebike building enthusiasts only, for off road use only. We recommend our Bafang mid drive motor kits for first time kit installers.

The Mac motor is the finest quality hub motor kit that we know of on the market.

We have thought about offering this kit for years, have a great relationship with Mac motor, but were not satisfied pairing it with a brick sized, ugly, and low power ebike controller typical for ebike kits like this. 

It was only after 6 months of development, optimizing the Mac Motor, paired with the BAC-800 controller that we were satisfied with a product worthy Luna name.

Available in both a 6 turn and 12 turn options. The 6 turn is for high speed, the 12 turn is for massive torque, hill climbing, and weight carrying capacity.

The ASI can run as much as 1700 watts continuously through this motor with reliable performance, making this one of the few lightweight hub motors that can surpass BBSHD performance (with the 6 turn mac motor)

Accepts disk brake and 7 speed freewheel with standard 135mm rear dropout, and will work with 100mm steel rigid forks 

Because of its tuned ASI fov sine wave controller, the power comes on silky smooth, and we are able to run a lot of amps through the motor very reliably. Power comes on nice and smooth as not to strip its gears, and if the motor starts to get too warm the ASI is programmed to dial back the power. 

Speeds of 30mph are easily obtainable with the 6 turn motor, the 12 turn motor top speed is typical around 23mph but is perfect for pedicabs, tough hill climbing and other demanding applications. The top speed will depend on the wheel diameter with larger wheels having a higher top speed, but less torque.

We had this motor custom made to handle high power (1000w) at 52 volts.  This is unheard of in a motor this small.

Because the power of the motor does not go through the drivetrain you will have less chain wear issues than you would with a mid drive.

See our purchase guide here before buying this kit (recommended)

Battery documentation for use with this kit:

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