MeanWell Sinewave Power Inverter

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  • Tuned for any of our 48 or 52v batteries plug right in (with optional xt90)
  • 120 volt output for household current on the go
  • Tuned to be used with any of our 48v or 52v batteries
  • 400w maximum output power
  • True Sine Wave Output
  • Built-in Fan on/off Control Function
  • Built-in Remote On/Off Control
  • Power On/Off Switch


Now you can use any of our 48 or 52 batteries to power your 110v tools or chargers.

Will output up to 400 watts. 

You can use your shark pack to charger your laptop when out on a long bike trip so you can check your ebike forum and news.

Perfect for camping to keep updated on new product offerings on

Made by Meanwell, one of the most respected names in ebike power supplies. 

Sine wave means the ultimate in efficiency and reliability. If you don't want to destroy your delicate electronics then you need to use a true Sine wave inverter.



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