C961 BBS02 and BBSHD 1000 Display


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Display for Bafang BBS02 and the brand new BBSHD 1000 watt

Plug and play 

For 961 manual click here

Read this awesome article on Bafang display choices


This display will work on 52V and 48V batteries but the battery level indicator will only be accurate on 48V.
For a display more suitable with 52v check out our color displays.

Mounting brackets will not fit 31.8mm handlebars



7 Reviews

Rick Bronson Dec 27th 2017

Nice display

My first e-bike and hence first display. Seems pretty straight forward to program and use. Would be nice if it included rubber spacers so that the display fits "normal" handle bar diameter. It seems set up for rather large diameter handle bars.

Guy Nov 3rd 2017


Simple and gets the job done. Not fancy looking which works for me. Changing PAS setting while riding is simple and easy with the "+" "-" buttons. Setting it up for my bike was straightforward. Gives an estimate of battery power remaining; helpful. And tells me how far I have ridden on this ride (providing I reset the trip meter

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