Luna Bafang Display DPC-10


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  • High quality display for the Bafang BBSxx
  • 5 button control
  • USB Power cord for charging phone or light
  • Full featured display
  • Clock
  • Automatic back light
  • Odometer
  • Trip time and distance travelled


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This display shows in mph or kph (your choice).

This display also has a backlight that automatically lights up when it gets dark.

It has a clock and it will also display total ride time.

It has the convenience of a usb cable plug that can charge your phone directly from your ebike battery. No other BBSxx display has this.

Works with the BBS01, BBS02 & BBSHD drive units.




6 Reviews

Aug 21st 2017

Not bad

This unit sits up very high above my bars where it could take a hit from something pretty easy. I ended up attaching the mount to my handlebars upside down and drilled to new holes in it , then I was able to attach it with only two of the screws, seems very solid tho and in a much better position.

Sam Stewart Apr 8th 2017

Simple and does as advertised

I love this display. This is one of the components of my build that did not need to be upgraded from the kit I purchased. Luna's video was really helpful for setting it up and I would use this display on any future builds

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