ORO RIght Thumb throttle for Cyclone Drive with Power Switch and LED


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  • Right  hand thumb throttle with power switch
  • Wired for quick connect to Cyclone drive
  • LED battery indicator
  • Convenient push button on/off power switch
  • Includes rubber hand grips

This throttle is made for left hand side but can also be mounted on right hand side.

Thumb throttles are what we recommend for the Cyclone drive which is safer for high power applications than full twist throttles. 

This throttle is easy to connect and gives the bike a basic battery fuel gauge and most importantly an on\off push button switch.

For more information on choosing a throttle check out this article. (click here)


Support notes

Please note the LED wont work over 60V and the is only accurate on 48V. For accurate voltage readout please see our Batt-man dedicated battery gauge.

1 Review

raymond newport Jun 24th 2016

It works

First thing I knoticed was how big it is and had trouble getting enough room on my handlebars to fit my gear shifter and brakehandle and this and still have room for my grip. I did end up making it work but I had to shave a little bit of the thumbtab to make it fit overtop of my grip.

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